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  1. Yup. Please save some homers for tomorrow.
  2. Would have been nice to know that today was going to be the day, last night...he will undoubtedly hit at least 1 HR before most people can get him back into their lineups.
  3. What in the world is going on here...this bum's only job is to swing a bat and trot around the bases. On Aug 1 they said he would be 10 days to 2 weeks away, now it's no timetable, and they still won't "disclose" why he needs to miss half of a season that started at the end of July.
  4. Turns out 2019 was a mirage after all. Welcome back to the trash pile.
  5. Imagine if marlins players were actually owned in fantasy...this could have affected someone’s season.
  6. His .676 OPS and 1 SB in 27 PCL games scares me a bit. I guess in these situations you add him and pray but not sure if he’s there yet.
  7. Not that it really matters anymore since they don't play again until the 4th, but between the conflicting information from media outlets, delays in testing, and differences in local government clearance requirements, this will continue to be a frustrating mess for any player that tests positive. This virus is crazy weird...wouldn't surprise me to see him test positive again before the next game.
  8. He does not need to quarantine for the full two weeks because the Nationals were granted an exception in their waiver with the city which allows formerly positive employees to return to work in less than 14 days if they clear all protocols. However, when not at the park, they are required to return directly home for a 14-day period.
  9. From NBC Sports The Nationals also continue to wait on Juan Soto. He re-entered quarantine Thursday. As of 11 a.m. Sunday, the team did not have any test results for Soto from the Major League Baseball lab in Salt Lake City. Soto needs two negative tests 24 hours apart, to be asymptomatic for at least 72 hours, complete at least one antibody test following the positive diagnosis, undergo a cardiac evaluation from a team physician, and receive an assessment from a team physician that Soto no longer presents a risk of infection to others and is healthy enough to return to the field.
  10. I have read somewhere that the Covid-19 list does not have a minimum required days
  11. Phillies RHP prospect Stephen Howard (whoops) appears lined up to make his MLB debut on Friday night against the Blue Jays. Advice: Howard got transferred to the Phillies' alternate training site when the team set its Opening Day roster on Thursday, but it's quite obvious that the move was mostly about stunting his service time. If the Phillies wait just six games into the season to promote Howard, he will become a free agent after 2026 instead of 2025. The talented 23-year-old threw four innings in an intrasquad game Sunday in Allentown and would be on normal rest for Friday's series ope
  12. Full list so far: Mike Leake, Ryan Zimmerman, Ian Desmond, Tyson Ross, David Price, Felix Hernandez, Nick Markakis, Hector Noesi, Buster Posey, Michael Kopech https://www.sportingnews.com/us/mlb/news/mlb-players-opting-out-2020-season/1m10laov5in4y11vn0ojmi8srw
  13. The Jays' only chance of competing in the next 5 years would have been getting Cole so that the Yanks couldn't.
  14. Regardless of whether anyone is taking him in those rounds, that’s a grand total of 6 games you’re talking about.
  15. Will they ever let him have a normal outing? 100 pitches etc? Rays are such babies. He got ONE little strain and the rays got scared, they said “you’ll only pitch 5 innings for the rest of your career”
  16. The SBs appear to be real. Pacing 21 over 160 games.
  17. Better fantasy expert advice would have been “don’t stream bad pitchers, even in good matchups, under any circumstances”
  18. Paid fortune tellers. Sounds about right.
  19. Anyone else buy into the multiple fantasy sites touting John Means this week? Already a 2 run HR in first inning. Conclusion, fantasy analysts are just as dumb as the rest of us, fools who cite advanced metrics as reliable predictive stats, and the only difference is that they get paid to do it. Fools.
  20. All of it against Orioles pitching, go figure. Fortunately, he’s got a 6 more games against Baltimore in the final 2 weeks. Unfortunately, those that drafted him at his ADP are probably not even in the playoffs.
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