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  1. Aristides the god of punishment. Answering our prayers.
  2. With impending free agency, he's of no use to any team that isn't contending, and even then he would only be claimed if he were performing at a level that could help a contender. His waiver period expires Thursday, if a team claims him before then they'd have to pay the remaining $1.8 mil of his salary. He may get picked up for the league minimum - $95k after he clears waivers.
  3. I’m just going to assume he’s done for the season.
  4. Roberts confirmed he will pitch out of the bullpen on Sunday. Unsure if this means he’ll be a reliever going forward, or possibly not wanting to expose him to ATL and NYY. Best case scenario is he pitches an inning or two Sunday, and gets starts vs TOR on wed/thurs. Holding for now to see how it plays out.
  5. Tatis has not been officially placed on the DL, Yahoo prematurely changed his status.
  6. He does face a lot of Baltimore pitching in the final 2 weeks of the season, so even though he’s bad, he could easily win some championships.
  7. 7 HR in 10 games isn't sustainable? I'll believe it when I see it
  8. You can try to interpret this however you like, but one thing is obvious...Orioles pitching is absolute trash.
  9. Out of the lineup for 3rd straight day, no report of injury.
  10. Dahl carted off the field after twisting his ankle catching a fly ball
  11. 25 yrs old, 140 career games, 22 HR, 17 SB, .274/.330...not bad at all.
  12. There’s obviously no way he can sustain .400 ROS, and if you pick him up now in redraft, all you will likely get from him is regression...wish I had been wise to this guy sooner.
  13. With the increase in league-wide power, has he become obsolete? I have trouble believing he’ll be any better ROS than similar low avg/obp power threats like Franmil or Renfroe for example.
  14. I was thinking of trading Renfroe and Reyes and keeping Davis, but is there any reason those 2 guys can’t outperform Davis the rest of the way?
  15. Should’ve sold high on Sale when I had the chance.
  16. Alvarez is now the first player in MLB history to have seven home runs and 16 RBI in his first 12 games.
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