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  1. I’d keep Ben but no problem with Whit if it’s 1 for 1. Fair, but dependent on team need
  2. Do I start Renfroe, Reyes at home vs Chacin (MIL) or Olson, Laureano at home vs Cashner (BAL)
  3. Are you watching? He got bailed out by bad baserunning
  4. Bieber falls apart again. Unbelievable
  5. His MiLB page says he’s at High-A, status - rehab assignment, but no PAs so far. He’s probably about a week and half away from returning. Soon.
  6. Doesn't even do that anymore. 2 bombs since April 12.
  7. They dropped him to 7th in the lineup.
  8. I think he looked fine, given that bleak situation he found himself in. I still can’t figure out why they called him up at all, but it has to be some combination of a) it was disrespectful to leave a guy hitting that well in the minors, b) his dad is AAA manager, c) they were intentionally using him to light a fire under Walker.
  9. That hit by Cron should do it yes? No more Walker?
  10. The royals need to drop him down to 8/9 so I can drop as well. He really fell off a cliff. I had him rostered for the OBP and the spot in the lineup but he’s done nothing with it and now striking out a lot...was never expecting steals anyway, but should have had at least 1 by now you would think.
  11. For supposedly having an elite eye, he sure does swing at a lot of balls and take a lot of close pitches for strikes (and even balls that should have been called strikes). That more than anything worries me for his redraft value.
  12. Doesnt this mean Tucker is still ahead of Alvarez? Both guys are clearly being held back due to Super 2.
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