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  1. It's somewhat worth noting that Alvarez is 1 for his last 17. Tucker should get the call and Alvarez held down until Super 2. Whatever their original plan was for Alvarez probably doesn't change because of Springer's injury. At some point, they still have to do something to get him on the 25 man.
  2. DBacks have scored 11 runs in 6 innings and he's 0-3 now with 3 Ks.
  3. They’ll probably leave them both down and call up a pitcher, and give Kemp more ABs. Hope not.
  4. Pablo Lopez dominating the same Mets that dropped 10 on him last start
  5. There goes another one, #17, after a 12 pitch AB
  6. German has 8 Ks in 65 pitches thru 6
  7. White makes the rest of his teammates look good, that's his intangible value. Yordan would come up, make his teammates look bad in comparison, and destroy their confidence. Would you really want that on your team?
  8. We're at 15 days since the injury, and expected to miss at least another week. This went from minor injury to 3+ weeks.
  9. Harper, Kershaw > Scherzer, Lowe
  10. Babying pitchers only turns them into babies. It’s a travesty. 10 years from now, starting pitchers will be lucky to throw 50 pitches.
  11. Martin taken out after 80 pitches after a brilliant 5.1 IP 9 Ks 1 BB. I don’t get it. They are afraid he might give up another hit or god forbid allow another run. Baby stuff
  12. Between Lopez, Vlad, Glasnow, and already losing 12-2 this week, I have no idea what I’m still doing in here on a Friday night.
  13. Glasnow out of the game faster than you can say Injured List
  14. 0 for last 13, any worse and he’s going on the short list for a demotion.
  15. Vlad is finding new ways to suck with every passing game. Foul pop out lol can it get any worse?
  16. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a pitcher stay in long enough to get 10 ER
  17. I’ve been looking for a reason to quit fantasy baseball and Lopez has finally helped me with that
  18. Law won’t admit to missing anything until Alvarez puts up a whole year of elite stats in the majors.
  19. Tyler White 76 mph FB..strikeout looking bottom of the zone.
  20. Tyler White is pitching for the Astros
  21. Is there some statcast data that can point to something other than just plain old being bad? If we’re not blindly preaching patience, I’d prefer some data to suggest he is a different hitter (this season) than what he appears to be. And can we stop with the finger-wagging, smarter-than-thou comments from people who either don’t own him, own him in a keeper/dynasty, or got him at a ridiculous discount? Yeah we get it...we’re all dumb for drafting a guy exactly where everyone else drafted him. But for those that actually believe he’ll put up 5th round value this season, after watching his A
  22. I just don't think there is any merit in pointing that out, because you can point to literally any top prospect in history and there will be similar career paths. Some start out great, and fizzle out. Some are bad to start, and end up great. Some are great from start to finish, and some never get going at all. Vlad could still be any one of these. So I guess I agree with your statement, but to say that now just feels like an excuse.
  23. Yeah totally my fault. I should have expected this
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