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  1. So the was the Jays lineup and they crushed him. Will Sale have more ER or Ks tonight? Tough call
  2. If he’s not called up by tomorrow I will be shocked
  3. Vogelbeast with another monster night 3-5, 2 2B
  4. Need to look at Reyes underlying stats before saying he’s struggling mightily (he’s not), but I agree
  5. Ive been on the fence. He got unlucky with his D but I don’t think he can succeed with the lower velo as a starter. Was 94-95 as a reliever and not a guy I think I can count on to pitch in fantasy playoffs
  6. I’d be out on Strahm as well. He’s not going to be pitching like he was as a reliever and he won’t throw enough innings this season to matter when it counts
  7. Yeah, either way, the point is to just to have both to see how the PT shakes out and get full time ABs.
  8. Probably not a bad idea to roster Renfroe as a backup plan in case things don’t work out with Franny.
  9. I get all that, and I’m not dropping him or anything, but I do feel like he’s the type of player that will be prone to slumps, and needs to capitalize on the hard contact while he can. Otherwise we could be looking at an ugly early season line
  10. Feels kind of hopeless. If he’s scorching the ball and can’t get hits, what’s it going to look like when he goes through the inevitable slump.
  11. Here's the deal with Sale...he is in no-try mode, because he can afford to not try, and still pitch well enough to win. This is what the Red Sox want from him right now. It just happens to be the opposite of what we want.
  12. No smart manager is buying or selling Sale right now
  13. Sale is garbage, and I'd trade him if I wasn't smarter than that
  14. What was the expectation here? That he’d be an ace right out of the gate? I get the feeling most people have no clue what they bought into, were expecting a lot based off 60 some innings last year, ST stats, and a couple people mentioning him as a potential breakout. If you’re not one of those people, you should be fine holding him for at least a little while longer.
  15. Is 85 pitches the new 100? Or is that just because it's opening week.
  16. Ender Inciarte homered (413 ft.) to deep right. on Mark Zagunis's fielding error? No earned runs for Hendricks. Edit: Pop fly foul
  17. Well that didn't take long...fractured finger for Murphy. Let's hope they keep starting McMahon at 1B and not Reynolds
  18. He was back to using his old delivery tonight
  19. He's still in spring training. 9 innings this spring.
  20. I'm not panicking, but this definitely ruined my excitement for the season. He now only needs to pitch 25 consecutive scoreless innings to get his ERA back to normal.
  21. They should give him 130-140 innings.
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