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  1. OBP League. Who would you rather have for the next 2 years?
  2. Hitters Devin Mesoraco NYM - C Cody Bellinger LAD - 1B,LF,CF Rougned Odor Tex - 2B Miguel Sanó Min - 1B,3B Addison Russell ChC - SS Gregory Polanco Pit - LF,RF Harrison Bader StL - CF,RF Eddie Rosario Min - LF,CF,RF Kolten Wong StL - 2B Josh Bell Pit - 1B Guillermo Heredia TB - LF,CF Jesse Winker Cin - LF,RF Ronald Guzmán Tex - 1B Yairo Muñoz StL - 2B,3B,SS,RF Nick Hundley SF - C Jay Bruce NYM - 1B,RF Pedro Álvarez Bal - 3B Juan Lagares NYM - CF Troy Tulowitzki Tor - SS Pitchers Luis Castillo Cin - SP Alex Wood LAD - SP,RP Trevor Bauer Cle - SP Sean Manaea Oak - SP Zack Wh
  3. Going into year 9, just made the switch to Fantrax. Looking for 1 active manager who is up to the challenge of rebuilding a franchise. $4 annual league fee for Fantrax Premium - starting next year. 20 Team Fantrax (Premium) Dynasty 6x6 - R, HR, RBI, SB, AVG, OPS, W, K, SV, HLD, ERA, WHIP C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, LF, CF, RF, 2 UT, 5 SP, 2 RP, 3 P, 10 BN 30-man MLB rosters (keep 25 each year, with 5-round draft) 20-man minor league rosters (with 3-round draft) Minor league draft is tentative for Feb 7. All players from the most recent MLB draft will be avail
  4. Our glorious league will be entering it's 9th year. Looking for 2 active managers who are up to the challenge of rebuilding a franchise. 20 Team Dynasty (Yahoo H2H - Free) 6x6 - R, HR, RBI, SB, AVG, OPS, W, K, SV, HLD, ERA, WHIP 30-man MLB rosters (keep 25 each year, with a 5-round draft via proboards) 20-man minor league rosters (with annual 3-round minor league drafts via proboards) This year's minor league draft will be starting within the next couple of weeks, and one of the vacant teams has the 2nd pick in all 3 rounds. The other vacant team has str
  5. No question in my mind, he will sit out minimum a quarter of the season with quad issues. Either real or fake, he’ll want to be as healthy as possible for next season.
  6. Someone needs to tell Vladdy to stop hitting the ball so hard, so that his BABIP can come down enough to convince armchair statisticians that he's better than average
  7. Send him back to AA...that was more of a challenge
  8. Remember when he was batting .286 in AAA? Those were dark times.
  9. If I'm taking Vlad's stats with a grain of salt, I might as well chug the whole salt shaker because no one else is doing anything close to what he's doing. Perhaps the reason 3 of the top 15 average leaders are from NH is because they're actually a really good team with good players. Even without Vlad for a month and a half, they've gone 65-46, best team in the league. I'll agree that his defense isn't great, never will be, and doesn't have to be, and it won't be the reason why he does or doesn't get called up this year or next.
  10. So you think he’s a .286 hitter, because he went 0/3 in his last game which brought his average down 100 pts? His OBP is still over .500 but alright...SSS aside, let’s just ignore the rest of his minors career. Just wait until he goes 0/2 tonight, then this argument will be even stronger! You think that a player (not just any player, but the top prospect in baseball with the best hit tool grade we’ve ever seen, who makes hard contact and doesn’t K) hitting .400 should need to have a BABIP close to the major league average, to prove he’s an elite hitter? I don’t follow that logic.
  11. Maybe if he homers tomorrow, then maybe, he’s ready. We have to be absolutely sure about his readiness before he makes that quantum leap from AA to AAA. I think he may need to hit .450 before they feel comfortable.
  12. I don’t understand why rehabbing in A ball before rehabbing in AA before a promotion to AAA is even necessary
  13. It now appears that they are indeed going to waste more time with him at AA, because, you know, “we just have to make sure he is at the best position possible, physically, mentally, before we make that move.” “He may spend some time in [double-A] New Hampshire as he works through that,” Cherington added. “We just want to make sure he’s in the best possible position before he’s introduced to a new challenge, which would be moving up to a new level.” But even before that happens he needs to play an undetermined amount of games in the GCL. What a b
  14. Padres defense is absolute trash tonight
  15. Yeah I can now see the potential scenario where he plays 2-3 weeks in AAA, Donaldson gets traded at the deadline, and he's called up around the 2nd week of August. Or, they might just keep him in AAA the rest of the year...but at the very least, it's good to see them not wasting any more time at AA
  16. Soto slumping ruh roh 1 for his last 10, 6 Ks
  17. Here comes Ziegler to clear the bases for Caleb
  18. Sale has hit 100 more than a few times tonight
  19. Just watched the replay of the Soto HR...off the bat it looked like a popup to left center. It even fooled Pence in how far it carried....serious pop.
  20. Soto's just like "don't you even think of sitting me for Michael Taylor"
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