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  1. Soto's just like "don't you even think of sitting me for Michael Taylor"
  2. "discussed the possibility of promoting Vladimir Guerrero Jr. to Triple-A within the next month" so there has been discussion....about the possibility....that Vlad gets promoted to AAA....within the next month... Doesn't at all sound like a player that is anywhere close to the majors.
  3. Nothing, as expected. They recalled Tim Mayza, RP, and Solarte is playing 3B
  4. Let’s be clear about one thing, the Jays are 100% not going to promote him directly to the majors from AA. This is about the only thing we know at this point. So the real clock will start ticking once he gets that AAA promotion.
  5. Ehh...the "local guy" on here is just a jaded toronto sports fan, so I won't be giving much credit there, even if he does turn out to be right. I'm also a local guy for what it's worth, and what it's worth is nothing at all. None of us truly know any more than the next guy - the Jays have never had a prospect this young, this good. There's no precedent, unless you want to cite what Shatkins did while in Cleveland. We'll see...if AAA is so important to the Jays, then he'll likely spend at the very least 2 weeks there. But if they're saying AA is the best place for him right now, I'd temper my
  6. Thats what he said, and they are idiots. They’re slowplaying the crap out of this. If you plan on taking as long as possible to keep a guy in the minors, you stretch out each level for as long as you can. It’s obvious he should already be in AAA, and when they refer to it as a consideration, they’re trying to make it sound like it’s an important part in his development (also something they’ve said), which we all know it’s not. But if it’s supposedly “important” to them, then you would think they would keep him there longer than one or two weeks.
  7. I’ve now lost almost all faith he’ll be in the majors before September based on Atkins recent comments. AAA is now talked about as a “consideration”. Forget about the majors any time soon.
  8. That walk by bieber was intentional for sure
  9. ^^ is that blocking the plate though?
  10. Bieber dealing so hard he broke MLB stat tracking
  11. Alright Kersh you redeemed yourself, but I’m watching you
  12. Kershaw your curve is useless when your FB is 89
  13. Soto you’re a leadoff hitter. Take a pitch
  14. Props to those who streamed wisely @ COL Is there anything here beyond this series?
  15. He'll be fine..but that looked like it hurt
  16. Hoskins just fouled a ball off his face...blood everywhere
  17. scooter saves the game....5 for 5 and SV...nice stat line
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