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  1. A couple of games with lesser production..... can we expect this to be the norm with Trier etc back? Or was it due to tough opposition
  2. Worth a scoop in 10-team?? Sources say he’s due back soon.
  3. Deal done. Booker, Batum, Saric for his KAT, AGordon, Portis
  4. Solid, but keep in mind Booker May get shut down or rested.... I’m looking to trade him . Even so, u win this deal getting those 3.
  5. Booker, Batum, Saric for his KAT, AGordon. That should do it
  6. 13 views and not 1 answer? Cmon guys. Please and thanks deal is Batum, Nurkic , D Booker For KAT and Aaron Gordon
  7. HARris all day http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/692813-getting-kat-whir/
  8. I’d drop Hezonja for Simmons http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/692813-getting-kat-whir/
  9. His KAT, Aaron gordon My Booker, DonovanM, Nurkic
  10. 9-cat league. Surely he’s too good for the WW.....
  11. He offered it randomly.... I ain’t gonna say no lol Leaves me with a solid team come finals; Lillard Lavine DSJr Booker Oladipo Giannis Batum LeBron Saric Ibaka Nurkic Drummond DONOVAN KAWHI MILLSAP
  12. He is sitting middle of the pack and needs active players to avoid missing finals. I took the offer.... Mitchell is worth almost all 3 of my players... Millsap and Kawhi are just extras
  13. 9-cat league which I’m leading..... I just got offered Kawhi, Paul Millsap, DonovanM for my Tatum, THJr, Dejounte...... solid offer IMO , esp as I’m coming first in the league. Thoughts?
  14. I just got offered Kawhi, Millsap, DonovanM for my Tatum, THJr, Dejounte...... solid offer IMO
  15. He started in detroit too but that was a disaster....
  16. Was going to drop him for DSJr, but he could get a bump in LAC. Any thoughts?? I also have Dejounte Murray but he is playing well.....
  17. What will Avery Bradley value be like in LAC?? I might hold him for now. Could be a good change of scenery. I can only have 2 of Bradley, Dejounte Murray, DSJr....... damn
  18. Who would u drop for DSJR? Avery bradley or Dejounte Murray?
  19. I also have Avery Bradley who is horrible ATM..... DSJr is on the WW
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