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  1. Its the fantasy football mentality.....people are all over guys for slow starts. They want immediate gratification like when the top RB pick has a big 1st game.....sometimes it takes a bit to get going...especially in baseball. Players slump at weird times....Lindor has shown he is a stud and will get his numbers....Mets have been a disaster. I think they turn it around and get hot with the weather especially with Carrasco and Thor returning....Im buying Mets from frustrated owners
  2. Check back in May - Mets have been a disaster between COVID, rain outs, freskishly cold weather.....no one is in a rhythm.
  3. He's been bad but the Mets have barely played....the crazy early season schedule has resulted in a huge slow start from their entire lineup.....Im pretty confident that lineup will start grooving in the next 2 weeks and Lindor with it....buy low if you can
  4. Reds fan here as well as Senzel owner and totally agree,,,,,Winker and Senzel were blue chip prospects...they should have anchored them in 2 spots of the OF and let em play a full season to develop - this yo yo approach doesnt allow any of them to get into a groove and has really hurt their growth....
  5. I think it will be 1 rehab game - but as a rule I usually dont start 1st game back just to see how he looks.....
  6. Im rolling with him....hes been decent enough as an injury replacement......would love to see him get hot and have a throwback season.
  7. I just dont see him getting called up any time soon.....late June would be the earliest I can see but you never know....
  8. [...] had a terrible 2020 but I downplay that - could be a solid mid rotation fantasy contributor if he continues....Im definitely not looking to sell unless I get a really good offer
  9. He was dropped in my league and I picked him up to take place for Stars - once he gets a little better control he could be a solid contributor IMO - worth a shot
  10. I love this time of year.....2 weeks into a fantasy baseball season is equivalent to one game in fantasy football....slow starts happen....cold/weather/rainouts/still adjusting....Mets have barely played....check back a the end of May and let's see where he's at....Ill be buying for a discount from frustrated owners
  11. Disaster start but Way too much upside for a rage drop.....he should be a 2 starter next week....re=evaluate after that.
  12. Grabbed him last wk - he has yet to have a full injury free season under his belt - if he stays healthy Im pretty confident he'll have a very nice return as a WW pickup.
  13. Im not sold that it will be another month....I could see him make progress and be back in a week or 2.....but even if it is a month Ill take it....I got nothing out of any Met for just about a week anyway!
  14. Great news - I thought they needed to keep him down another week for another year of control....either way it looks like he'll be up soon!
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