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  1. Im not putting too much stock in last year's "season" - Ill be buying low on lots of guys who were lousy last year....Boyd is one of them
  2. It a huge difference in fantasy value IMO....Colts with that coaching staff and OL is a great set up for Wentz to succeed....Chicago not so much.
  3. late rd flyer or even wire pick post draft.....AL East is concerning but he may have needed change of scenery - definite upside for dirt cheap
  4. agreed - more concerned about the injuries than the playing time.....may be the last time to get him at a big discount as he could break out.
  5. IMO Dobbins with Gus is probably a low #1RB next yr - where without Id have him in the top 5 RBs. Big swing. Gus is a RFA so it depends on the market....Im hoping he gets a big offer and leaves but I think Balt sees the value in having 2 backs so if its a reasonable deal they may match....I could see Gus getting an Ekeler type deal at $6M per yr....Ingram is toast so that will give them $5M to play with....going to be interesting.
  6. I have him as a keeper with the price of a RB3 in a 12 team league - which is what I would be comfortable with....he'll likely be drafted as a #2 most likely after this run though
  7. definitely did lol....I thought he earned the right to have a role going into the playoffs....guess they strictly view him as Jones insurance...he'll either be shooting up the rankings next year or sink like a stone depending solely on Jones FA,
  8. I dont think they will simply banish him back to the bench after that impressive display....they should find a way to work him in....fresh legs during playoffs is a good thing. but obviously his value lies in what happens during FA
  9. Correct - saw him get a few that were called back along with the 1 non penalty one and he looked comfortable....not like Ronjo stone hands at all. Again I said small sample size
  10. very small sample but he looked prety smooth last game in passing game
  11. If Gus remains Id be nervous that this split continues....but hes probably a late 2d with Gus and a late 1st if Gus leaves...
  12. Crowder is a very nice #3 WR....put up some good numbers despite Gase, Darnold and missing a few games...ill be looking at him again next year as Jet players can be had at a discount
  13. Hoping for the same...but Balt likes their RBs...they have some cap room next year and can save $5M by cutting Ingram....unless Gus gets a monster offer he may stay and form a 2 headed monster with Dobbins
  14. hopefully just a blip....bad weather...tough CB....awful game script.....thought hed at least get some garbage points....def concerning
  15. no chance I take Monty over those guys.....Nagy has shown he prefers RBBC when possible....I think with Cohen there next year Monty's volume goes down....
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