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  1. Eno over at the Athletic was saying he's a "drop when he blows up" kind of guy. Claimed he only has 1 pitch above average in stuff or command (slider) and only uses 2 pitches (fastball/slider). I'll hang on in my deeper 16 team league but would be a cut if someone else with upside came along.
  2. Should give Trout a run for his money at MVP IMO. Batting .889 right now with an OPS of 2.333, run don't walk.
  3. Starting out strong, though very small sample size. Wasn't that long ago he hit .298 and 31 HR. Maybe post trash can life can still be good for fantasy. The 1B/3B eligibility can be useful.
  4. I'm also trying out the NBC Sports Edge app and I'm a fan so far. It's simple which is nice for periodically checking player news. I was using PlayerLine, which is also solid and aggregates player news from multiple sources, though depending on how you customize it, can be a bit messy/have duplicate info. Customization requires signing up which is a negative.
  5. Roberto Perez was so terrified of him today that he smacked a 2 run HR off him.
  6. Castillo looked great. Clean save with 2 Ks.
  7. For some maybe, but a one game sample size, especially opening day after a crazy year, nah. I also wouldn't draft Philip Humber after he threw a perfect game either 😉
  8. Smith looking good with 3 Ks in his inning.
  9. Bumgarner is one of the best hitting pitchers in the league! 😅
  10. Not unless it's also the end of the road for the great Bieber, Castillo, Darvish, etc. I wouldn't sweat it yet.
  11. Pitchers looking mighty rusty today 👀
  12. Looks like Neris is probably the guy in Philly.
  13. Detroit seems like a classic avoid situation. Bradley in for PHI tied 2-2 in the bottom of the 7th.
  14. Feel like we've been waiting for Dahl forever. Rarely someone LEAVES Coors and breaks out... But maybe with some health. The tools are there and starting great 3/3.
  15. He's a great lotto ticket so I'd say sure if you like him. If he gets the PT he can be quite useful. I think coach said he'd play next to Bryant or Bertans so he seems to have his confidence.
  16. Their allegience to Barber is an amazing feat.
  17. Sounds like a deal is getting done today to make him the highest paid WR in the league.
  18. This is a run-heavy offense that can support two backs. I can easily see a 1A/1B type situation (RB2/FLEX).
  19. AB obviously has some issues to work through. Funny how 10 years younger, JuJu seems ages ahead in terms of maturity. You can be disgruntled with the game, with the league, or with your team, and still dominate and be professional.
  20. I'm replacing one of my defunct leagues this year and looking for a free long-term format league (dynasty or keeper) that is being formed this year. Prefer 14+ teams. PM or post if you need an active manager.
  21. 20 team 5x5 league. I took over this team and its basically a rebuild. I was offered the following I give: Dansby Swanson, Jon Gray, 2020 1st round pick I get: Corey Seager The pick would likely be top 5-7. I also have Royce Lewis as a potential SS of the future. Thoughts?
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