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  1. If Moncada isn't a keeper for you why trade for him? His start this year has been awful and underlying stats aren't indicating a breakout to occur. I doubt he is this bad all year but he may not deliver and if you're not going to keep him this may harm more than help you.

    If you want to acquire him to flip him you could start by selling high on Rodon.

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  2. Eno over at the Athletic was saying he's a "drop when he blows up" kind of guy. Claimed he only has 1 pitch above average in stuff or command (slider) and only uses 2 pitches (fastball/slider).

    I'll hang on in my deeper 16 team league but would be a cut if someone else with upside came along.

  3. I'm also trying out the NBC Sports Edge app and I'm a fan so far. It's simple which is nice for periodically checking player news.

    I was using PlayerLine, which is also solid and aggregates player news from multiple sources, though depending on how you customize it, can be a bit messy/have duplicate info. Customization requires signing up which is a negative.

  4. Just now, GamblorLA said:

    Tough day for aces.  I wanted to play more roto and fade the aces, since everyone is going nuts on them. Maybe do a Draft Champions. 


    Obviously it's day one, but equally obviously, SPs only have 30 games if you're lucky. Flaherty 's season long value took a ding and Castillo's took a body blow.  Woodruff, Kershaw and Darvish all took a significant step in the wrong direction.

    Glasnow, even in 1 game, built a nice lead on all those guys.  Maybe I'm underestimating the length of the season.  I wonder how much starting off with a .000 era and .17 whip vs, say, Darvish's 7.71 era and 1.93 whip matters.

    If you knew ahead of time that those would be the outings (with no injuries), does Glasnow move ahead of Darvish in the draft?


    For some maybe, but a one game sample size, especially opening day after a crazy year, nah. I also wouldn't draft Philip Humber after he threw a perfect game either 😉

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  5. 1 minute ago, FUM said:

    Did I really spend a second rounder on Darvish just so he can give up doubles to Bumgarner and homers to fat guys like Cabrera?

    Bumgarner is one of the best hitting pitchers in the league! 😅

  6. 21 minutes ago, Flamez said:

    Is he worth rostering in a 12 man as your last pick ???


    He’s played really well in all of his preseason games. 

    He's a great lotto ticket so I'd say sure if you like him. If he gets the PT he can be quite useful. I think coach said he'd play next to Bryant or Bertans so he seems to have his confidence.

  7. 2 minutes ago, MJJ28 said:


    Penny isn’t going to eat into Carson’s workload. Carson will get a full workload and Penny will get what is left over. Seattle will be running the ball far too much for any single RB to handle alone. There is no concern with Carson.

    This is a run-heavy offense that can support two backs. I can easily see a 1A/1B type situation (RB2/FLEX).

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