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  1. True but no one expected them to be so awful those first few games either. If anything you'd think this change would help him since he's still young and can be an important piece for them.
  2. He's not gonna hit 80% FG ROS but for tonight... Those are fantasy starting PG numbers.
  3. He was a serious RW writer darling all preseason. Some of their mocks had him going in the 8th and loving that spot for him IIRC. Doesn't seem like it's happening for him this year but then again this team is still probably figuring it out so you never know.
  4. Hah they got this segment during this timeout with Dudley hyping up Ulis about how he is improved and a hard worker.
  5. Probably drop Booker. Don't see him doing this consistently, though early returns are nice.
  6. I wouldn't trust Nance too much. I think outta that list I'd go Green, RHJ, or Richardson, Richardson being my personal favorite for all around contribution. Hang in there.
  7. In Yahoo Brown has SG/SF eligibility, but yeah leaves me a bit thin behind Conley at PG.
  8. Don't see Ish as an issue anymore. Health is the only blockade left.
  9. Nah, just someone trying to buy low. CP3 should still be worth a bit more even with the injury.
  10. Eh, I think Hood may be back sooner than later. I like Mitchell as a stash but I like LeVert a little more. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/678242-help-with-keeper-trade-whir/
  11. I like Brown, followed by RHJ. Brown should continue to soak up minutes and be productive. Not worried about today's game since his wrist may have been a bit sore. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/678242-help-with-keeper-trade-whir/
  12. Seems pretty close but I'd lean KAT side by a little bit.
  13. I like Vuc as a very solid mid-round C, and he might have added a nice 3 point shot to his game. That being said I do feel like its a SLIGHT overpay. If you really need the C, I would do it, otherwise I would stay put (value-wise I'd rather hang on to WIggins).
  14. I think Booker might be a bit safer, but Lab has higher upside. Booker can potential maintain a double double with good %s (but not much else). Solid low ender. I like him a little bit more but if you need/want the upside, Lab is your guy.
  15. Absolutely take this. AD is a first rounder (when healthy), but I think having Cousins there will help AD stay healthy as well. Don't overthink this.
  16. I don't think Aminu will keep this up consistently, but he could be a useful bench piece. I'm not super high on either him or Morris though so if you feel you need the stats right now, go for it. ROS I like Morris a slight bit more. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/678242-help-with-keeper-trade-whir/
  17. I have two potential offers on the table early this season. This is a 14 team league, so depth is somewhat important. We keep 8 year to year in this league and both trades would have keeper implications. Trade 1 I give: Reggie Jackson, Evan Fournier I get: Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, Kelly Oubre Trade 2 I give: TJ Warren, Evan Fournier I get: DeMar DeRozan Would you guys do either of these trades? Obviously I can only choose one of them since Fournier is involved in both. Rest of my roster PG: Mike Conley, Reggie Jackson,
  18. How's your stomach feeling? Because that's a pretty solid line for a late rounder in 1/2.
  19. I traded quite a package to get him on my team. Should easily be an elite C and is still only 22. Just hope he can get more blocks this year.
  20. Even with splitting Crabbe's old minutes I'd be more interested in Harkless. ET has a pretty low ceiling at this point, and won't be worth much when Dame and McCollum are on the court. 43% shooter with very limited contribution in stocks.
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