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  1. You already have kinda. I'm stating my point, you've stated yours. I'll go with the guy who has been playing. I own both so there is no bad choice for me.
  2. Actually the best shot is the guy who has been suiting up and playing.
  3. I'm waiting on LaVine. Think Lauri can possibly put up some value too.
  4. Source? Everything online says unlikely/not expected.
  5. According to Adam Schefter MM is not expected to play.
  6. Can't wait to see what he does with a full complement of touches.
  7. Definitely do not think he is shifty... He never was from everything I've read on him. More of a short burst, get extra yards with his feet sorta guy. I haven't read too much of anyone being that high on his talent, but the opportunity is here. More up to the Giants coaching to give him the chance to be the guy. Either way, I don't see an RB for the Giants becoming much more than a FLEX.
  8. Nobody will ever be any year's Christine Michael. Nobody compares.
  9. Watson is growing each game it seems. I think Fuller could end up FLEX worthy as he stretches the field opposite Nuk.
  10. Seems CJA isn't a part of the offensive plan today. Not sure why. Doesn't seem injured.
  11. Dump? No. But he won't get a ton of targets IMO. He looks spent. He is 37 after all. They aren't going to force it to him in space, but he is still a solid RZ target it seems. I like Henry alot more to pick up yards.
  12. Right at the top. He can be a headache but no more than the rest of these guys. Low end TE1.
  13. For sure. If anyone rage dropped him after week 1 he is a great pickup. Gates is toast and Rivers needs Henry to step up.
  14. Brutal drop today. Also looked like he phoned it in on a potential TD catch. He looks a bit apathetic out there. Probably safe to drop if bench spots are at a premium with OBJ becoming healthy, Engram breaking out, and Shepard still relevant.
  15. Doyle Clay Watson Miller Njoku ASJ Thomas ASJ could rise but I don't buy it until I see it. Smart play is to not start him his first week and go with a safe floor guy like Miller or Clay.
  16. Just a headsup he has only 1 reception tonight. Long TD but he had a 1 on 1 with Apple, which was exactly what the Lions wanted on that play.
  17. If things keep going the way they are going they might not need to give anything to get AP ?
  18. "Giants don't block it good enough". Also helps to have a strong NFL caliber RB.
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