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  1. Pass. Judge is an elite bat to met at this point. Turner also has that sort of potential. Machado is finally playing well again, but I don't care at all for Gallo. I would need an upgrade over Gallo to do something like this.
  2. Semi-dynasty league, keep 15 MLB and 5 MiLB year to year with no limitations. I am currently in first and feel good about my odds of winning it all. I was offered this trade by a team who is not competing. I give: Yoan Moncada, Walker Buehler, Tommy Pham I get: Max Scherzer, Mike Moustakas I do feel like this seems like great offer for me, but I am super hesitant to give up Moncada given that he is a decade younger than Scherzer. I currently have Donaldson at 3B, but would slot Moustakas in at IF if I did this. Overthinking it? Moncada could be on my ro
  3. Seemed pretty fluid, either Yates or Maton, but I'd probably go Yates.
  4. Even if Claudio falters it seemed like Texas wanted to put Kela on the block. He did have some attitude issues earlier in the year. I wonder if they've basically given up on him.
  5. Personally I go Ziegler Treinen Yates Clippers In order of opportunity. Ziegler and Treinen basically interchangeable to me until we see more.
  6. Would have been fun to see him play 3B once in a while for the Red Sox. Now, he is likely done being a fantasy asset.
  7. Posey, Contreras, and Grandal would like a word.
  8. Dunno about that. Claudio is a very unorthodox pitcher and definitely not a typical closer. Might be worth hanging on to Kela for a week or two if your roster can manage.
  9. Anyone who made the crazy decision to start him needs a Banda-id for the damage he did
  10. Kela coming in for the bottom of the 8th up 4-3.
  11. Better than two more K's ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  12. They were 2 going into the season because 2 was acceptable in many league formats prior to 10 day DL rules. We are changing them for future years, we don't change rules mid-season.
  13. Another Kenny Williams classic move. Tatis definitely has that power/speed combo. Excited to see where he lands on prospect lists for 2018, definitely see top 20 as a possibility for many lists.
  14. With the new 10 day DL rule and so many high priority players going on the DL, it is hard to stash guys like Familia unless you have a plethora of DL slots. He was FA in half of my leagues, the half he was available only had 2 DL slots per team.
  15. 17th player in MLB history to hit 4 HR in one game. Top 5 closer ROS ez.
  16. Pitched with a lot of heart on Yordano Ventura's birthday.
  17. He primarily lies on deception. His stuff is average. He probably will have good games but also games where he implodes on your team.
  18. I don't care if its not irrational and if they are FA
  19. Jason probably could hit more HR than Loney.
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