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  1. Really awful year for Teague. Sucks that Tyus is out with a high ankle sprain too, would have been a prime opportunity for him. I guess its Jerryd Bayless time...
  2. This is for a free 14 team keeper league on Yahoo. We keep 8 year to year and allow pick trades. Trade activity is pretty high and has a good group of active managers. This team is currently in 11th, but also is set up nicely for next year with 3 first round picks. They have some interesting talent and with the picks should be able to compete after this year with a move or two. Reply or PM if you are interested or have more questions! LeBron James - SF/PF DeMarcus Cousins - PF/C Deandre Ayton - C CJ McCollum - PG/SG Terry Rozier - PG/SG E'Twaun Moore - PG/S
  3. Might be. Depends on needs. He's mostly going to be a PTS, FG%, REB guy. Never really great at defensive stats.
  4. Probably will be his best game of the year but should be a decent low end replacement for AD while he's out. Okafor is better for fantasy than he is for real life.
  5. Opportunity is there. I'd say he's an add in 12+ team leagues.
  6. Putting up good numbers this year in general. Already almost a double double in the first half of this game with a couple 3s.
  7. Probably wouldn't move him in a competitive league. If he stays healthy he should be way more valuable than whoever anyone would give. Obviously a big if, but he can be so good on days when he's not hurt. If anything maybe he's a secondary piece in a large trade.
  8. Right? But if this is what he is doing in 16 minutes, can't complain too much.
  9. Another LHP SD arm. 21 year old currently in AAA. Has dealt with injuries in the past, but is pitching great. His line in AA this year: 121 IP, 9.3 K/9, 2.8 BB/9, 2.75 ERA Always had upside, now seems to be realizing it. Just missed on the Fangraphs top 10 for SD (go figure).
  10. Forgot the part about experience. I've been playing fantasy football for about 8 years. Solid mix of keeper, dynasty, redraft, and money leagues. Mostly have played on Yahoo but have done leagues in ESPN, CBS, and Fantrax. Looking for a new long-term home and love the theme
  11. Hey I'm looking for a new long term league and this seems like a good fit. Can I get an invite at nvarja (at) yahoo (dot) com?
  12. Carl Edwards Jr. had been their primary 8th inning guy.
  13. 2 pitch save. Double play to end it.
  14. Physical health would argue much more so than Giles.
  15. Gonna be a lot of paying customers at that bar.
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