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  1. Rondon in for the save for the White Sox
  2. They should give Anderson a shot. He has been impressive and has closing experience in the minors.
  3. It's a joke from Chappelles Show since everyone is loving on Hader right now. Of course I know that Hader is no Heath Bell.
  4. Who are the 5 best relievers of all time? Hader, Hader, Hader, Hader, and Hader, because he spits hot fire.
  5. I guess they failed in that way too. Shoulda mentioned how Trout and Blackmon are seeing time in CF as well.
  6. If he tightens up his approach and improves his plate discipline a bit those 70/70 grade tools become much more appealing. Still young so hopefully he starts putting it all together.
  7. Boog Powell (knee) is doing strengthening and conditioning but no baseball activity, manager Bob Melvin said. Powell is on the 10-day disabled list due to a ligament sprain in his knee. Mark Canha, Jake Smolinski and Trayce Thompson are seeing time in center field while Powell is on the mend. He likely has several weeks before he is able to return to the big club. Trayce Thompson is on the White Sox ?
  8. He pitched an inning yesterday but hadn't pitched before that since the 23rd. The line is pretty but he threw a ton of balls and got lucky with a couple bad calls outside the zone. I think he can be effective if he keeps the walks in check.
  9. He's having trouble hitting the strike zone. But he is, as their announcers just said, "effectively wild". Needs to throw strikes, he's getting bailed out a bit.
  10. Barraclough closing out Marlins game up 4-1 But the Marlins also have 2 guys warming up in the pen as well.
  11. Yes too early. He is still the fastest player in baseball and will get SBs at an elite rate. The flaw with him as a fantasy asset is he is a true one trick pony and he can't steal first, so he has to get on base. Hitting 9th blows for his value, but don't drop him.
  12. Felipe Rivero has legally changed his name to Felipe Vázquez. Vázquez is the surname of the reliever's sister, Prescilla, who he lives with in the offseason. The closer expects the Pirates to change the name on the back of his jersey soon. "I think [the Pirates] know already, but I think they’re making it, so I don’t know when they’re going to be ready," he said Monday. "They might be ready already." Apr 9 - 7:44 PM
  13. His slider is so good. Should be a great ratios/ks/holds guy.
  14. I know I just don't like working in absolutes lol
  15. It's really cool to see Ohtani bat as DH before he takes the mound. I know it won't likely last (and it probably shouldn't), but its cool to see.
  16. Feel like every year Godney has doubters and every year Godney smites them with his arrows of swift justice.
  17. Matt Davidson, though he likely just had his best game. I know a few leagues I'm in Cesar Hernandez is sitting out there... should be owned for sure. Darren O'Day, Brach didn't look sharp today and O'Day was gonna get chances anyway.
  18. My only concern is he seemed to throw a lot of stuff out of the zone. He did get some lucky breaks on fastballs up in the zone with Baltimore's guys swinging freely after them. If he keeps his walks down over the year he should be solid.
  19. Glad to see his strong ST play carrying over into the regular season against a tough lineup. Likely has quite a bit of value as a end rotation piece as long as he keeps the flyball rate down.
  20. Likely. He needs a trade to put up consistent value IMO, but even then a rookie so 10 teamer you can probably do better.
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