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  1. Did you grab Fultz? Wouldn't mind a preemptive swap of him and Holiday before LaVine returns. Probably would stash Gallo over Holiday too.
  2. Just looking for objective opinions on this. It's for a 9 cat H2H keeper league. We keep 8 players year to year. Team A gets: Kristaps Porzingis, Buddy Hield, Allen Crabbe, 2018 4th round pick Team B gets: Zach LaVine, Jabari Parker, Nerlens Noel, 2018 2nd round pick Both teams are out of playoff contention and are rebuilding. Team B has expressed interest in keeping all three of the players they are receiving. Is this trade vetoable? Thanks in advance, leave a link and I will help.
  3. Don't see his line as that bad tonight. He is like 21 years old after all.
  4. Coach didn't want to switch up the lineup as they were playing really well and crushed the Magic in the 4th. The crowd was super into it. They didn't need to switch to Turner. Wouldn't be worried, the bench was just playing really well.
  5. Don't own CJ but sounds like you are hoping for something from Booker. From what I've seen Booker does not display anything that makes me think he is a better runner than CJ. And did Denver win or lose when CJ had 20 touches or more in 3 different games ? How'd the ground game look those games?
  6. Booker was "supposed to be the starter" but was hurt to start the year and Vance is too awful of a coach to realize that his offense ran better before Booker came back.
  7. Broncos purposely go out of their way to make sure neither RB can establish a rhythm.
  8. This is the best time to buy low. Rubio has skills. He won't wow you in FG% but he is a very solid PG and the assists will come.
  9. More than what he is getting, but hardly unleashed. He's going to need around 20 per to have fantasy value.
  10. Carlisle looking for answers. Mejri closing out this game with a double double and 5 blocks. Second 5 block game this year. Anything to see here?
  11. Can't see Barber taking the job from Martin. Not a bad speculative stash but I doubt he climbs any higher than passing Quiz.
  12. Well he only played 1 half of 1 game against one of the best defenses this year, so I hope so!
  13. I'm assuming you need hope for Hopkins or Miller. If you're hoping for Savage to be trustworthy, even Clipboard Jesus can't save you there.
  14. At least this should change this week, right?
  15. To be fair to Savage (I do not think he is a good QB by any means) he faced an unexpectedly GREAT JAX defense week 1. Savage is slow and is definitely gonna lower Nuk's value, but WR2 numbers are not unobtainable. Hopkins was projected with a baseline of a low end WR2 in most formats preseason when Savage was starting. They are gonna be passing a lot after they fall behind in games. Obviously this situation sucks for everyone, but maybe it won't be a complete disaster.
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