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  1. Its very likely, but they will have to air it out to stay in games. They might run heavy at first but start passing heavy as they go down scores.
  2. You'd think with a name like Savage... such a waste.
  3. He seems a little undersized out there. I know that was a knock on him pre-draft, size and wingspan. But he looks very explosive especially on that dunk tonight. A little outta control tonight but he hit 4/5 FT and a couple trays which is nice. I dunno if he's worth the midround pick he likely cost this year but he's gonna get better each game as long as his knee doesn't bug him.
  4. Notice they take him out quite a bit even when he has 0 PFs. Two games in a row it seems lower minutes. Any Rockets fans know what the deal is?
  5. He has been more FLEX than RB2 for several weeks this year. Booker is going to ruin what value he had.
  6. Is there one of those Yahoo vote things open for that? I guess if you pick up 7 dnp-cds though you are not IL eligible right?
  7. The rest of that article reads that he may get 20, 25 reps. Context.
  8. Probably should go ahead and do that... I like WCS but RoLo is a big piece for the Bulls.
  9. I am in the same boat and I can't acquire him anywhere
  10. I read somewhere this could extend over a month. I know its just blind speculation but seeing that sucked.
  11. He is probably the most well rounded big right now. He is kinda like a young Marc Gasol in terms of numbers, though Gasol added the 3 ball later in his career. He just need the blocks which I'm not entirely sure if that's part of his game right now averaging 0.8 per last year.
  12. Likely becomes irrelevant when they return. Poeltl looks great too. Too crowded.
  13. I'd probably drop bazemore. Don't think he will provide much.
  14. I'd probably sit tight. I like the upside of the guys you have. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/679914-capela-jokic-keeper-trade-whir/
  15. Should mention we each keep 8 year to year so a first round pick is usually rookies or any good players that were not kept.
  16. My boi just wanted a day off to get his new bike waxed. No biggie.
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