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  1. http://www.seahawks.com/news/2016/04/30/24-questions-help-you-get-know-seahawks-rb-alex-collins #24
  2. Just saying... Collins rotated out again for Allen, drive dead.... just saying...
  3. Based purely on last week I would stash Yeldon, but it's murky, like many handcuff situations.
  4. He's not the most exciting player, but at the end of almost every game he will do his thing.
  5. I was mostly joking. Though for selfish reasons I'd love to see Collins only for the rest of the game.
  6. Not saying its his fault but as soon as Allen got in and Collins came out offense stalled.... just saying...
  7. Unfortunately he has a really difficult matchup to prove he is any better and so far, nothing.
  8. I don't really know much about him, but won't they just give more and more time to Collins as the year goes?
  9. I think the idea is that every time he gets dinged or dented everyone knows he could miss time. Even announcers talk about this whenever he goes down. He may not miss a ton of time for every injury, but he does get dinged up and gives the appearance of an injury prone player, regardless of total games missed.
  10. Faulty generalization based on nationality. Or maybe francophobia.
  11. Eh, Harkless was still the better bet preseason. Glad to see Turner carving out some low end value for managers who need it.
  12. Got less minutes than Ulis in the half. Probably a timeshare and a headache.
  13. Typically plays well when given the opportunity. Should be solid for as long as Elf is out.
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