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  1. I would go Trout > Acuna > Yelich Please Help!
  2. I like option 2 better, unless you are rebuilding then option 1. Please help!
  3. I have a few keeper league and already completed a few drafts already. With most of us stuck inside due to being quarantined and no date set for MLB to be back. let the trades flow!!!!!! Most the time they turn out to be nothing more than talks, but it passes the time. Please help
  4. i think you are giving up to much here. please help
  5. I think this an awesome deal for you! grab it and hopefully get ready for the season. Let me know what you think?
  6. I give: Josh Donaldson I get: Blake Snell leave your link
  7. With a lot of drafts within the next couple of weeks who do you guys have as your sleepers?
  8. what about chad green after jordan montgomery tomorrow?
  9. I am keeping Kerryon Johnson(7th), JuJu Smith Schuster(9th) and deshaun Watson(16th), but I was offered a deal. My league we all keep 3 players in the round we draft them and then they lose a round each year I trade:my 1st round(5th overall) and my 3rd round pick I get: David Johnson(7th round value and his 10th round. leave link.
  10. I am in a keeper league where we keep 10. I have many more keepers than 10 so I am trying to consolidate I get: Charlie Blackmon I give: George Springer and Noah Syndergaard. leave link and I will help
  11. I know that AJ Pollack is going to be coming back late next week and he is sitting on my free agents list. is there anyone on my roster i should drop to pick up Pollack? roster is in my signature. leave your link and i will help. Thank you, Alex
  12. it is a Keepers league and both Realmuto and sanchez were kept. Posey went 4th overall and Contreras yadi and Ramos went quickly after.
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