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  1. Vlad and Tucker. Head and shoulders above the other 2.
  2. any other thoughts appreciated. At least this thread has confirmed I'm not crazy for being torn on this decision.
  3. I really do think he's under-rated.
  4. 12 team 5x5, keep 7 forever Pretty standard roster set up, but we do have 2 Util slots so I dont mind doubling up a position like 3rd base Current list: Trevor Story Ozzie Albies Pete Alonso Yoan Moncada Jack Flaherty Blake Snell Last Slot: Stephen Strasburg, Nick Castellanos, Matt Chapman or Lourdes Gurriel jr
  5. Muncy has the most upside. He's an random dodger injury away from full time play. Or a mini-hot streak away from full time play.
  6. Sure make that offer. But if I was the Alonso owner I doubt I'd take it.
  7. Assuming this is a keeper league. If so, are you competitive this year? If you are, drop whoever you need to, both if necessary to stay competitive. If you aren't, keep them both on your roster. If you aren't competitive this year, you are working towards next year. Dont shoot your strategy in the foot. If you are going for it this year and are competitive, drop Ohtani. He has the most uncertainty at this point in my eyes.
  8. Dont shoot yourself in the foot moving story and trout. Trout is Trout. You can demand anything you want for him. But dont take 2-3 weeks worth of games and assume Galvis, Swanson and Polanco will carry your SS position all season. If you move Story you'll be streaming SS and bottom feeding the WW before the end of April.
  9. I would take Pederson, Meadows or Grichuk over Soler in that order. Which Reyes is that - Franmil? I'd take him over Soler as well (probably slot him in right around Meadows. But grab Pederson and play his match ups.
  10. Trea Turner for 1 injured Bat and a potentially injured SP?
  11. Dont worry about Soler. Find somebody who is not him.
  12. Right now I'm taking somebody else. Dont know who. But Schwarber is Schwarber. As for Soler, he's cracked a few singles and doubles. I'd keep an eye on Soler. But he had a 3/3 night which after only 3 games is going to boost his BA to unsustainable levels. Dont let a single 3/3 night at the the plate fool you - he's still Jorge Soler.
  13. Find a way to add Franco and Wong instead of this trade.
  14. Wong is the hottest bat right now. Get him while you can.
  15. I think Smoak, Bell and White are pretty interchangeable. Bauers has to prove he can outperform them. Honestly in an OBP league all 3 of those guys are perfectly rosterable players based on their projections. Smoak and white project out pretty similar except smoak has a few more hr. Smoak and Bell are similar except smoak has a few extra HR and Bell has a solid edge in obp. Bauers has similar Obp potential to Smoak and white, less power projections than any of them, but many more SB than the other 3 combined. So pick your poison; really depends on your needs.
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