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  1. There were definitely scouts that were predicting Brujan would grow into some power for a while now. It isn’t a complete surprise that he is showing it, even if there was some question as to whether or not he would eventually find it.
  2. He picked up a new slider that was filthy before getting hurt, as I recall. If he can pick up where he left off with that slider, there could be something here.
  3. I am not starting him over Hockenson, but the wind in Green Bay could make for lots of short to intermediate passes which could bode long for him in ppr leagues.
  4. I am guessing that Gio gets a lot of work as a pass-catching back as the bengals will probably be playing from behind most of the day.
  5. I am starting Hockenson over him in what I expect to be a shootout against the jaguars. I would feel comfortable starting Tonyan if I didn’t have a “safer” option though. Rodgers has a way of zeroing in on his favorite targets over the years. It certainly seems like Tonyan is becoming (or has already become) one of those.
  6. How much will it factor into all of this that keeping Hampson down is best from a contract standpoint?
  7. I wouldn’t bet on DeShields getting his leadoff job back unless he really heats up or Choo gets injured. Choo makes more sense as a leadoff hitter. He isn’t as fast as he used to be, but he is fast enough and still gets on base at a great clip.
  8. Right - my understanding is that command is the last thing to typically return after Timmy John. So - if his velocity is down the upside (for 2017) may be capped (pun intended).
  9. I have not seen anything on his velocity - anyone know how he looks there?
  10. Picking up where he left off. 6 up 6 down with 4 strikeouts on only 25 pitches.
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