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  1. Yeah keep Clarkson. You are stacked at PF already
  2. He has to start the game at that position to be considered for C eligibility I believe but I would also go with Morris. No other centers though? Only a 10 team league help plz
  3. Yeaaaah WCS is unproven right now and doesn't have the minutes that Beverly does. High ceiling low floor with WCS; high floor low ceiling with Beverly help plz
  4. Depends on your team. You should put a signature that has your team listed. If you need board and blocks go with Collins, if not then Clarkson does better in every other category except for turnovers
  5. I am assuming you mean Jonathan Simmons, if so I would just hold off on picking up players. Those people listed aren't going to be better than what you got.
  6. I drafted pretty s---y this year and to make it to playoffs I need to really focus in on the categories I can win. Currently top 3 in FG% FT% BLKS and PTS. You think this trade makes sense for me or does Johnson fill up the stat sheet too much? I am trying to have efficient players to keep my percentages up while also boosting my 3s and keeping turnovers low (not a lot of people tend to focus on that it seems)
  7. If I was you I would pull the trigger on this trade. A-A-Ron is out so Cobb isn't going to be doing a lot I think and Martavis Bryant hasn't done anything so far too. Crabtree is solid and will give you production. This trade also give you room to play around on the waiver wire which is fun
  8. Good god how many people are in your league? Stacked team bro, but yeah I would hold onto McKinnon. No point fixing what isn't broken
  9. If you can I would keep both TE and just play one as flex, if not then I would go with the upside of Diggs over Jeffery.
  10. As you can see I have Funchess and just got offered Golden Tate. Would you do it? I am probably going to drop either Lewis or King; or even both of them (Lost OBJ ) Currently sitting at 4-2 in my league
  11. All right meow I might have gotten carried away. I came to my senses and will hold on to OBJ unless I get a good offer, but what do you all think about brandon marshall? Drop? Wait? Trade?
  12. I am only asking because of how terrible the o-line is and also the decline of Eli.
  13. Oh Marvin Jones Jr and Lynch easily. Lions and Falcons are gonna have a shoot out so definitely have MJJ. (Didn't know who MJJ was lol)
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