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  1. My team sucks so far but I have traded for Harper and Soto. Was considering punting saves and going ham on everywhere else.
  2. Miguel Rojas is getting added like crazy. Eligible a 3 positions.
  3. More than anything I'm shocked by how bad his defense is. He is so athletic and talented that he shouldn't be taking bad reads and jumps. I was offered Nimmo for him in an OBP league keeper and considered it because he seems like a guy that just flashes.
  4. 16 team H2H keeper. Im leaning towards accepting because Bauer is just as good or > and Eduardo Rodriguez is a high K guy on elite offense. Yay or Nay?
  5. I've kept Posey the last 2 seasons in this 16 team h2h kerper but I feel like he doesn't have power so I'm leaning towards Giolito or Brad Hand as the last keeper. Keepers now are Stanton, Trout, K. Davis, C. Swagger, Kuechel, Paxton and Andrew Miller. Here are the settings in link.
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