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  1. As if starting this guy was not enough of a dice roll now the center is out as well? Damn
  2. Still holding only because the pats want a Super Bowl at all costs and AB is the missing piece come time for them to play B-more. Personally I feel like the gamble is more on reinstatement than anything.
  3. I can tell you an auto drafted team is rolling people in first place in one of my 12 man leagues and its for decent money. I vowed to quit if he wins lol
  4. If you don't understand that ownership wants their players to hit the incentives then you don't understand business. Kraft wants gronk to grab 15 tds and be healthy all 16 games into the playoffs. If you could guarantee him that he would probably pay gronk double his salary.
  5. Well! Fortunately I flexed Goodwin. Man it hurts losing him before the ship but such is football. I don’t think the Steelers will be competitive without him. Hope he comes back ASAP.
  6. Benching him for Goodwin. Too risky here. lol I get nervous about a lot of players AB isn’t one of them and certainly not against the pats d
  7. I hate to say it but I’m hoping to fire up A rod. Thankful I had a bye.
  8. Good call. I can’t seem to find any info but would consider firing him up if PP is out.
  9. TB12, Gronk, Zuerline, Jax d, AB, Fitz tragically lost D. Cook and basically Hunt who now rides the pine.
  10. I got engram for ginn early on. Nothing earth shattering.
  11. Well done Julio! You took me out the playoffs csb over. I’m not alone. Falker out
  12. I can only assume mike wants to keep a fire burining under cases a**. Pulling him for teddy would be far crazier than the peterman blunder.
  13. I’m betting on the same thing except it’s not the optimist in me...it’s the desperation lol
  14. This guy sounds like a baseball player from 1912.
  15. QB is awfully shallow in my 12 man so I picked up jimmy. I figure they have to want to see something from him sooner than later. Can’t believe he’s only 6 percent owned.
  16. Also flexing EE and starting Gronk. I think everyone with gronk wanted a backup plan early on and snagged him lol
  17. I love JG but I would advise a gamble on dede, Trent Taylor or if Corey Davis is available somehow. Holding josh and praying for playoff greatness is fn bold lol
  18. The little man is reporting Texans will sign Matt mcgloin. Eagles back up and PSU product.
  19. They probably offered a 6th or 7th for him. MB seems more likely to have fit in somewhere where there is a tolerance for behavior like Dallas or NE. The guys here are making examples of people like MB not signing them. I still would have been pissed we didn't get him had we not landed Kb.
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