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  1. Does the Howard trade change his outlook for anyone?
  2. Story of his career. The strikeouts are awesome, the walks are ridiculous.
  3. As a Florida fan, I've watched Puk pretty closely throughout his career. At this point, the command of his offspeed stuff is ahead of his fastball command. I don't think the lack of fastball command is all that surprising since he's a northern guy without a ton of innings before college. He also was a two-way guy until the middle of last season, so it's not like he has exclusively focused on pitching in his career until recently. Add in a 6-7, lanky frame with a delivery he's still figuring out, it's kind of easy to see how he could have these struggles. I like him as a pro, but it would definitely scare me as a GM to pick him where he'll go. I've just seen too much up and down in his career to think he's a sure-fire stud.
  4. Two below average starts for him to open the year. I'm a Florida fan and have followed his career closely. I'd be nervous to take him.
  5. Last year I ordered Extra Innings through Cox and it came with MLB.tv. I'm planning to do that again as long as MLB.tv comes with it, but I can't find any information on it.
  6. My wife and I got a brand new Samsung TV that has Smart TV capabilities right before baseball season and I was pumped to use MLB.tv on there. Every single game I open, it'll work for a few minutes before I get a "Network Error. Please try again later." message. Has anyone else ever dealt with this? I've called into customer service about five times and they always tell me they've found a new way to fix it. Five minutes after I get off the phone, the message is back again. I still watch on my phone and computer, but it's just such a hassle when I'd rather use those devices for other things and have a game on my TV. I have plenty of bandwidth, but it's not working and I don't think Internet strength is the issue. Anyone else ever dealt with the network error message?
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