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  1. I'm about halfway there, i play in 12 team al and 12 team nl with 5 shared owners. i love this idea.
  2. Thanks! Draft champions sounds interesting. How many starters? 23 with the rest as reserves?
  3. They are owned because you play in a mixed league. Still, the player pool for a 16 team mixed is 40% shallower than a 12 team only. Parker and Peacock would have have been reserved on someone's minors list I'm sure, but they were nl until this year, of course. The only problem is when players are traded to the other league. We add their salary to the FAAB budget of the team who lost the player. Not ideal I realize, but it helps.
  4. I'm not saying it makes me better than others, it makes the game better. To match the depth of player pool, you would have to play in a 24 team league.....I'm game, but who can find 23 friends willing to commit this type of time and money?
  5. i tried playing a mixed league snake draft once many years ago, and I hated it. The only way to play fantasy baseball is "Only" leagues, with an auction draft like LABR. It rewards hard work. I play in one of each, and it requires deep knowledge of all 700 mlb players plus hundreds of minor leaguers. I'm trying to analyze Parker, Peacock and Milone right now for example; these are "undraftable" players in a mixed league. Playing "only " leaguers, quite simply, separates the wheat from the chaff. If you truly want to experience the joys of playing fantasy baseball, it's the only way to pl
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