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  1. Up 25 I have Julio He has Sanu Still nervous.
  2. This is Josh Gordon we're talking about here... ...Staple in my starting lineup since week one, this weeks bye included...
  3. I feel like this is essentially AP and a shell of Nuk for Brown...
  4. Team in signature. I'm trying to sell Nuk now and take a huge gamble on Elliot. I send: Hopkins AP I recieve: Elliot Antonio Brown Whir...
  5. Doesn't matter, the whole point is to take risk on both sides and take advantage of the owner who is reeling over his likely no.1 pick.
  6. Missing playoffs by one game, or acquiring flavor of the week streamer... you decide.
  7. Thanks to those who responded with an understanding of the situation while considering the timing of the question. For those who "LOL", you clearly have no idea how these things work and your public league status is showing...
  8. Want to try and swipe DJ in a trade while the water is still murky on his status. With my team in sig, what would be a respectable offer? Anyone else taking a chance at the gamble? I'm thinking straight up for Ingram being he's my best RB on paper at this point. WHIR
  9. Well, based on the link I'm about to provide, AP? Haha. Seriously I'm starting to buy-in to this revenge game of his and sell as high as possible afterwards.
  10. Bills all day for obvious reasons, I usually like to stream my D against the worst teams and have pretty good success. Help?
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