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  1. Didn't watch alot of game. But didn't a wr drop a sure td?? Not trying to defend Jackson but between that and Tucker missing two kicks. The blame isn't all on him.
  2. Lol. That was from November 30th way before he put in Sudfield in a 3 pt game on national tv. Good job guy. You must feel so good about yourself.
  3. Lol you must of never seen him play?? Brady beats him out because of longevity but one game to win it I will take Montana.
  4. Brady vs Manning is a joke at this point. Not even close.As far as Brady and Montana. Longevity alone Brady wins hands down and is the GOAT. But as far as the super bowl give me the guy that has never thrown a int or lost. Bradys kryptonite is the inside pass rush so he can't set his feet. NYG twice showed that,. Montana was more mobile and better throwing on the run.
  5. Kamara #1, Adams #2. But get your point. Honestly anybody that would of drafted a rookie RB this season over Cook got what they deserved.
  6. Lol no crowd noise. Was the same for everybody. Elite players put up huge games vs sub par teams. Not saying Brady is still elite at 43(he is right outside of the elite QB's) but what he just did is amazing at his age. Finished second in the league for tds thrown at 40. If if you hate the guy you have to admit thats impressive
  7. I mean this is the Brady-Manning thread. But have you watched Buffalo?? They were 17 in rushing attempts and that was with Allen rushing 102 times. The offense ran threw him and he was ridiculous. If it wasn't for Rodgers they would be mentioning with Mahomes as 1 vs 2 in the MVP. But back to Brady at 43 he just threw for 40 tds. Right there that should end in argument who was better between Brady and Manning. Anybody saying he was a product of Bill is wrong. Bill was a product of Brady. Without Brady he is way under .500
  8. Hunt averaged 20.93 in 18 before his suspension. He would of finished as a top 6 RB. Possibly higher as he went on a tear from week 5 after a slow start.
  9. Lol not that bored. I don't doubt you. Just speaking for us Nagy haters. He is possibly the worst play caller in the league. Hell look at how much better Mitch has looked recently also. He actually looks like a NFL QB.
  10. Hurts. Easiest way to attack GB is on the ground.
  11. Fournette. Sounds like Jones is out and Wilson has a ankle issue. He was in and out of the game last week. Wouldn't risk it in the champ game.
  12. Think alot of us that were down on him wasn't because of talent was because of the coach. Nagy gave up play calling before week 10 which has coincided with Mont's amazing run.
  13. Can't see them giving it to a QB that is a lower seed in the AFC. Just won't happen. But they could do Rodgers if he gets the NFC one seed or Henry if he breaks or comes close Dickersons record(5 percent chance he gets mvp, I think he will get consolation prize, offensive player of year).
  14. Rodgers is right there with him. The media considers KC has much better weapons then GB. So if he sits good chance rodgers gets it or maybe even Henry if they win out.
  15. QB it could be close. TE no chance unless you get lucky on your dart throw. Everybody calm down. I understand the worry. Still remember year I had Harrion, Edge, Clark(think that was TE) dominated the league by 500 points and Indy sat them all in week 16(lost). Indy lost in first round if I remember correctly. Don't see that happening. Teams have learned since then. Especially ones with Bye's you don't want to sit your guys for 3 weeks. Shocked it to so long. While being healthy is great you always want to carry momentum from the season.
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