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  1. The Grizz are over-helping when Paul George drives and he's finding the wide open man. 8 assists early in the 4th quarter.
  2. He's out today with the flu. Damnit. He would've wrecked the Bobcats. The Pacers play tomorrow, too, so now his status for that's in question as well.
  3. He also makes up for it with his activity on defense and the boards. This guy performs like an elite defender. He ought to be on the all-defensive team this year.
  4. The Cards hope to not overwork either back. It's a timeshare and they'll ride the hot hand. Powell, as a rookie, seems to be on a much shorter leash with two mistakes under his belt already (miscommunication on an audible that got Kolb injured and fumbled kickoff), both of which have gotten him benched for stretches. It does look like LSH is the guy to own now but that could always change. I'd prefer to avoid the whole situation now since it'll be hard to predict which will get more carries on a game to game basis.
  5. It would've been nice for there to be a report of any kind about which RB was taking first team reps in practice during the week.
  6. Anyone know if Powell is getting first team reps in practice or not? He deserves to but I'm worried about Whiz punishing him for that one miscommunication.
  7. Despite the fact that Powell clearly outperformed LSH, LSH was still heavily involved. Even when Powell would gain chunk after chunk of yards leading the Cardinals to a scoring drive, LSH would still replace him on the following drive (and perform poorly for the most part). As the second half went on they somewhat abandoned the run which meant LSH was on the field more (passing situations). Powell has definitely earned a larger share of the carries but the Cardinals seem intent on not overworking either of these rather diminutive RBs. Powell is the guy to own and It's reasonable to expect
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