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  1. Depends on your team build. He can ruin your roster or make you a contender depending on your punts and needs.
  2. Bojan has not been good since the All Star Break and those other guys probably all have more upside. I'd drop Bojan.
  3. If you're punting % and in need of assists, this is a no-brainer. Go with Fox.
  4. Nope. Middleton is having a career year and has been borderline top-20 so far. I think you could get a much better return than this if you wanted to trade Middleton.
  5. Eh. It’s a fair trade but I would be inclined to hang onto Fox. I still don’t think he’s hit his ceiling and who knows what drama might go down with Collins in Atlanta?
  6. Yeah drop Reddish. He’s been a total turd lately and Bogdan may be back soon to steal minutes. I’d drop him for Bazley or Osman, depending on your team build.
  7. Both are great but AD is the #1 value in the league in my opinion and who knows when KAT will be back into the flow of things? I personally would have passed on this.
  8. I like the Kawhi side for sure. Yes, Lebron will likely play more total games than kawhi ROS but Kawhi is the markedly better fantasy player (Leonard being #2 in 20-21 per game value via BBM while James is #36). Also Bagley is borderline ownable in 12 team formats and both Graham and Garland could be great assets depending on your team build.
  9. This is what I was going to say. He’s basically Bojan with steals. Make the move.
  10. Not sure what you need in your matchup but in a bubble I’d say Lamb. Roughly one block and steal per game in his 8 games in 2021, along with solid scoring and outstanding percentages across the board.
  11. If you have a free IR spot, then I think he's worth a shot. I am stashing him on IR in one league since I am very short on quality centers. FWIW he has already passed his original timetable for return and updates are few and far between, so it's a bit of a frustrating situation but I think it could pay off for those of us who are patient.
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