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  1. 20 minutes and not a single board? brb dropping for Vincent Carter.
  2. I’m instantly going to lose stocks every week now. I’ve had Collins, Vucevic, Trae Young, Morant, and Booker all miss time, but this one strings the most. ANY chance he is evaluated in two weeks and is fine? 😩
  3. Just an overall rant, fu** the NBA. They should be embarrassed by this girly league. You couldn’t pay me to buy tickets to an NBA game, only to have half the team sit out due to a bruised vag. Wish I could go to work 70% of the time and get 100% years salary.
  4. “Grab both” how many damn bench spots do y’all play with?
  5. Bertans on the Lakers would have an easier job than my wife finishing me off.
  6. maybe because he has shi* the bed the last 2-3 weeks and some people are still battling for a playoff spot. Every roster spot counts and needs to be producing at that point. Until DJ is gone, he isn’t a must own.
  7. Is Joe Harris a good comparison here? Also, any insight into his minute situation moving forward? 41 and 39 minutes the last two games. Before that, looked to have hovered ~30.
  8. Lol. NBA is a joke now. Sitting out a back to back to rest a thumb. Unbelievable.
  9. Gone ahead then TBJ, do yo thang! 25 & 14 tonight on 36 minutes. Streamed him the past two days but might have to hold for a bit.
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