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  1. This is such poor management of their platform and technological incompetence by ESPN. It is not that difficult to add top players/prospects to the pool on a website. This creates havoc/competitive balance issues in keeper dynasty formats. As much as I appreciate how they handled Ohtani (treat him as one player, not a SP/DH split) this unfortunately is a major problem such that I'd want off this platform unless they come up with a fix next year.
  2. I think the concern about his hip is a lingering one - out of the bullpen they can manage his innings better. That said, I'm loving the spike in velocity on the FB, and curious as to whether that's better health, being able to dial it up for shorter stints, or both. Getting an Andrew Miller type vibe off him as a multi-inning weapon out of the pen.
  3. Rookies who start hot like Romero are always interesting in redraft leagues - do you ride it out and hope that he has harnessed his talent at an early stage, or is now the time you look to sell-high? Question most readily applies in redrafts, if you have this guy in a keeper/dynasty the price is going to be high. Some great comments in this thread, I agree with the general consensus that, health permitting, the biggest factor in Romero becoming a high end fantasy SP is the development of his changeup. It sounds like he's eager to learn/take instruction and emphasizing the developme
  4. He reminds me of Strasburg in terms of the size/stuff profile, but good grief he is light years ahead of where any teenager should be. Inherent pitching prospect injury risk aside, this is a no-brainer target in dynasty/keeper leagues.
  5. The smartest move for the Reds, imo, would be to flip Garrett and Finnegan as far as projected role. Finnegan was pretty electric when he came up as an RP with KC, and while I understand trying to have him start, it just seems like his health won't hold up. If Garrett can stay in the mid 90s with the fastball, that gives him a nice 3 pitch fix and a physical frame that is pretty desirable for a SP.
  6. It's all about the fastball. Garrett was touching the low 90s last year, with his breaking ball and changeup being solid to plus offerings. The reports on his hip injury (I think he received a PRP injection in the offseason) and recovery are big. Question is going to be do the Reds see him as a SP or an Andrew Miller type multi-inning RP. I think at this point in his career you have to see what he can do as a SP if you're the organization, he looks like he could be an SP3 with SP2 upside if the spring gains are real.
  7. He's a really interesting prospect, and the good thing is this isn't an arm injury. Unfortunately, fair or not, the fact he's picked up a few nickel and dime injuries this spring makes me think the Braves need to put an emphasis on getting him in better shape. Even if it's only 10-15 pounds, that's less stress/pressure on his joints and tendons. There are some guys who are good athletes but happen to be heavy (prime CC Sabathia/Prince Fielder types), but for most players, losing excess weight can be very helpful as a preventative measure.
  8. That Amir Garrett spike has me thinking the hip injury may have been a much bigger deal than thought last year, which has been mentioned by the team and the player. 95-97 from a LHP with a playable breaking ball and change up is something to note...
  9. He got hot during the year, and then really tailed off. In deep leagues, if he's hitting well/a regular due to injury he's a nice swiss army knife (he only has SS and OF in ESPN right now, so less value in that format). With the Ichiro signing being reported as close, he'll need the injury bug to really bite to get a chance at an everyday role, though he could be on the short end of a platoon/semi regular "day off" guy if a starter is resting if the OF injuries persist.
  10. I know it's the Padres lineup, but he's been great through 5 innings tonight. Hasn't issued a walk yet (no jinx), the guy has always had some plus stuff and if he can command it he is a pretty strong play going forward.
  11. No kidding he's not hitting .350 all year, but are we calling .290 with some pop, speed, and a prime spot in a potent lineup disappointing? Especially when you consider where he was drafted. I will take the over on the likelihood that at some point Hanniger stole a certain blurb writer's gf.
  12. Some guys you just irrationally believe will turn the corner/want to do well because you're a fan of the team, the guy, or both. Zunino is one of those guys for me. Cliche, but he is pretty highly regarded by the people in/around the Mariners organization, and as others have detailed, the previous regime did no favors to his long term development by rushing him up and letting him flail away. That said, if he can hit even in the .225 to .240 range with decent plate discipline, he has plus power from the C slot. He'll be slump prone/have some swing and miss, but for now hope people hopped on boa
  13. I already dropped him - that Jed Lorie double had me looking for Bench Heat 2.0, the Bench Steamer
  14. I will overlook Bench Heat's flaws in the same benevolent manner Tom Brady is able to tolerate Giselle's pointy elbows - yes, it is a horrible blemish, but all creatures deserve love. I can't wait for the first Haniger slump when whichever loon wrote that blurb follows up with "Bench Heat appears to have regressed to his natural mean"
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