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  1. Do we have any more of a time table than just a spring training invitation?
  2. Varsho likely has more upside, but there are AAA rumblings with him.
  3. Looks like he is C eligible this year in Yahoo.
  4. Looks like he is C eligible this year.
  5. If baseball is still around, this will probably be true. Kind of like how football changed from the same 11 guys playing the whole game to 50 guys running on and off the field every play.
  6. No. There are no "brackets". 1 seed plays the lowest remaining seed.
  7. I need Connor to play or not play. Have Samuels ready to go in his place.
  8. Not for nothing, but wouldn’t you expect the Offensive Coordinator to have a lot of close contacts with, you know, the offense? Certainly the quarterbacks.
  9. Anyone care for a serious projection? I think if he’s guaranteed 15 touches, I play him and hope for production.
  10. I’ve started him all year. Return yardage gives a floor.
  11. I picked him up, but mostly because my playoff opponent has Gibson.
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