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  1. Yeah it really depends which point guards you drafted. I notice a lot of the pgs this year are given sg eligibility, while a lot of the sg/sf back then are moved to sf/pf. But while that is true the pg's I have does not have sg given to them in Conley and Lowry. Lillard also does not have it. So it seems completely random. All of these players are drafted also and none are available as pickups. While Sf might have a similar problem I did get Kyle Anderson off waiver, and while not the greatest pickups both Finney Smith and Rudy Gay has been rosterable lately. The best sg I could find lately wa
  2. Just want to rant about the positions on Yahoo this year. There is a noticeable lack of sg's it seems, at least playable ones. All the ones from the waiver throughout the year has been poop to barely rosterable. While most of the good wings are only sf/pf. Wings that had sg eligible for years past like Jimmy, Kyle Anderson, Middleton, PG are only sf/pf now. Meanwhile Lebron is considered a sg somehow.
  3. I know he's hot now but it's tough picking up a wing that doesn't hit 3's with bad ft%.
  4. Gets the position after he might not be rosterable now in most leagues. Classic.
  5. Orlando would definitely take a trade involving Oubre and Warriors 1st round pick from Minny (likely to be top 4-5), it's more that Warriors wouldn't include that pick in a trade for Gordon. It wouldn't make the Warriors a top 4 team just by replacing Oubre with Gordon this year.
  6. If you can hold him in your IR without anyone else being injured on your team you can afford to hold longer. For me I had to drop because I already have KD and need to make a push now.
  7. Between him, Jimmy and Jaren Jackson this year all taking their sweet time on injuries I'm just done.
  8. He's averaging 47% fg, which is way below average for a center that also doesn't take any 3's. If we're talking about this year.
  9. This guy sucks, a lot. Never drafting him again.
  10. Warriors still haven't figured out how to get Curry going against the box and 1 Nick Nurse pulls on them when they're without Klay or a second shooter.
  11. Saw a stat how Oubre shot 38% on 3s last year when off the dribble and shot much worse on catch and shoots. He also shot worse in the corners compared to the other spots, on the Warriors he is mostly getting catch and shoot 3s in the corners which is not his strong suit.
  12. Durant had it already yet he has to quarantine right now so it doesn't really help.
  13. Kawhi, PG, Beverley all can sort of slow him down. This is expected.
  14. Same I was debating over Beal or Butler but ended with Butler because I thought Westbrook would hurt his value this year or he might be traded to a contender.
  15. My dream was having the lord playing for gsw as their starting sf and some pf when they go small. I'm sure Cov would've been great for the Warriors but instead we have Kelly Oubrick now.
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