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  1. I just read some other posts about people taking money and I'm not interested in paying for an outside prize locker when I know almost everyone in person or via the league for over a decade. Before I would ask for payment (prior to draft), please feel free to make sure it's a valid league ect... I'm looking for new people to mix up the scene and not scam folks for their $.
  2. Hello all, I'm looking for a new GM for my baseball league. I run a highly competitive league that is heading into year 15. I had a GM recently drop after 5 seasons and his team opened up. I would preferably like to bring in an ultra-competitive player from the "outside world." We use CBS There are 14 teams in this league and the entry fee is $100. I handle dues via paypal or venmo. The league is a 5 player keeper (+1 minor leaguer). Keeper values are assigned to the round they were picked, a default value if a FA pickup(8th round) and contracts are redone ever
  3. As long as you’re getting a premium back then I think you’ll end up solid. Maholmes and Watson has a 4 point total difference tonight. i think for QBs you’ll want 2 for spot starts, you can play matchups with those guys. I’d grab newton and your favorite of the rest.
  4. I find it crazy that Amari was focusing on butt sculpting during his rehab if master of puppets insight is legit. I’m going to assume he’s trying to distract Jalen from shutting him down next week. Key thing out if Dallas is ceedee looks like the #1 in camp, but from week 2 on, we should be able to get out 1100 yards and 8 TDs from cooper. Hopefully more on what should be Daks career year
  5. I believe in the K.I.S.S. process. Peterson is way too far past his prime. Armstead doesn’t have “it”, his ypc showed that. Dillion is being raved about, is the #2, and have you seen those legs? Upside is way higher than either. On your bench, I assume you want upside? Goal line carries at least until Jones gets banged up(if he does). Jones is on the smaller side... go big or go home.
  6. Take this for what it's worth, but I have my own rankings that takes projections(PMB), and identifies likely breakout candidates (works great for Major league hitters and good for pitchers) It's not intended for prospects without major league experience. For example last year it nailed Kepler, Carlos Santana, Jeremy McNeil, and Josh Bell to name a few. It's meant to identify value and hitters that will consistently perform and not negatively impact your team. It does not favor folks who steals bases and works best for H2H with OBP. Long story short: Rizzo will be a tier 1 1B t
  7. I appreciate how the mariners focus more on Christmas lights than baseball these days. Three years of cancellled fan fests (fear for rebellion?) for enchantment lights? I don’t care if all the players suck so bad people would rather see Christmas lights... you would think they could still end the lights earlier or delay fan fest until after their get attempt to make money so they pay their salaries. Favorite memory: grab bag ball night, the person in front of me got ichiro. With excitement I took my turn and got Carlos Fkn Silva, I started to say Carlos Silva WTF, but realized it’s
  8. “At shootaround before the Timberwolves’ final preseason game in Milwaukee, Andrew Wiggins and Josh Okogie were firing up halfcourt shots, seeing who could best the other. Wiggins made one, but Okogie answered. Wiggins went back for another shot and banked it in again. Okogie missed his next one, and Wiggins prevailed. As he walked over to the bench area, Wiggins flashed his recognizable wide smile.” smh...
  9. Well damn, I will now implement my self ban on posting for the next 2 months. Hopefully the Lizard King can live on, but 5 passing TDs and none to the King? I rest in shame
  10. Haha yeah I took it the 10th yard and won’t post for a couple months if I’m wrong and recognize my shame.
  11. Reason is not needed when you’re trying to low. Whether traded or not, if you’re trying to get him for week 10 this is a great time to buy. He succeeded with Dalton and would in another system. Cooper showed a mid season trade can work out nicely , although history says otherwise. If you can buy low and not have to include anyone then your top bench guy and either the next man up or your worse starter and you have depth, then take a risk if you need it to win your league.
  12. cant say it better than this, put him in your lineup and enjoy the victory. If you lose, it’s because your other bums failed you and not the Lizard King.
  13. Hands down Everett over DW this week, bookmark it because it’ll be the truth. Matchups are favoring Everett heavily.
  14. I must be drunk (overseas, so don’t judge lol), but wth? I just saw Nfl injury report on nfl.com and had both MVS and Allison as doubtful. I thought one was upgraded to questionable, but it didn’t show that. He’s my start of the week! it didn’t save my quote, but reference was to the post 2 up.
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