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  1. From a purely financial aspect Bonilla did quite well. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cnbc.com/amp/2020/07/01/bobby-bonilla-day-why-his-deal-with-the-mets-was-so-lucrative.html
  2. Brewers manager Craig Counsell told MLB Network Radio that Corbin Burnes (undisclosed) will likely start Thursday against the Cardinals. Burnes has been on the IL since April 29 for undisclosed reasons, but he returned to the club on Monday and apparently threw a successful bullpen session. The 26-year-old right-hander is sitting on a brilliant 1.53 ERA, 0.545 WHIP, and 49/0 K/BB ratio through 29 1/3 innings (five starts) this season for Milwaukee. Added 4:50 pm https://www.fantasyalarm.com/player-news/2247960/burnes-undisclosed-expected-to-return-thursday/
  3. This may be the best argument I’ve heard against the DH. It would just be a travesty if this never came to be.
  4. No, fantastic! I mean, full disclosure, I received lots of money from them to say it in the past.
  5. Ohtani got an appearance in the OF last night. It was a blowout, and I don’t think he’s played the field since 2014 in Japan, but I recall talk of him possibly playing OF/1B (at the end of last year) and him taking some reps. What are the chances that he gets enough time for eligibility? The thought of using him in my 5OF leagues sounds almost as good as a bowl of Quaker Oats!
  6. It was like a switch was turned on and a door opened. This place lit up like Astudillo’s face at Thanksgiving dinner. The return of Your inimitable wit and trenchant observations were desperately needed. I’m sure I say it for everyone when I say “All hail our Overlord!” Kidding aside it’s good to see your posts again.
  7. So you’re saying you mean the Colonel, right, because he kicks A$$!!!
  8. WTF are you? You say you are a doctor, but you botched the Dak diagnosis confidently stating it was absolutely 4-8 weeks. I would think being a doctor that you would know full well that you cannot diagnose everything from TV, which is why people actually need to speak/go to a doctor as well as get imaging, bloodwork, etc
  9. Why does it matter if the virus is tricky? Should that not just further support the idea that they need to be careful? I’m a bit confused by the italicized part. Did I miss something from earlier in the thread - where is that from? Of course we don’t understand everything with this virus, but the incident you describe could have so many variables affecting those individuals it would blow your mind. The individual could have ignored proper protocol, forgotten a part of it, been in worse health (overweight, sleep-deprived, ate terribly, smoked, low vit d status, etc etc). why d
  10. For shame!!! All of you heathens merrily going about your day, still enjoying baseball after my death! Go now and enjoy a bowl of hearty Quaker Oats so that I may spare your souls. Maybe become a farmer in my memory as I loved chickens and pigs and ducks. I was kind of fond of nanny goats too, I was. Go ahead do it. You know it’s the right thing to do and the tasty way to do it!
  11. Thanks Backdoor. I agree with his post completely and in fact love what he is stating. I'm not sure where he says there is no threat. He states he is concerned, yet not scared at all. Again, I agree the overall threat is low, and the hysteria is the biggest problem and it is nauseating. I'll stop though as it's probably pointless. I apologize to all for belaboring the point - I'm done. He says " I am not scared of Covid-19. I am concerned about the implications of a novel infectious agent that has spread the world over and continues to find new footholds in different soil.
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