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  1. No love for him? Started next to Horford, 3 steals + 3 blocks. He is only 23.
  2. I added him today. 3 straight games with 26 minutes, only Brooks in front of him. Why not?
  3. Well 1st round rookie with 12p 8r 2 3s 3b 1s in first game he got minutes. No actual competition and in a really bad team. Why not?
  4. My guess is Jackson wins the most. 32+ minutes per night easy. More minutes for Svi too.
  5. I have a hunch that he will soon have a role.
  6. Harrel, Noel, Willy, Abebayo, Hart are my guesses.
  7. https://twitter.com/ChrisMannixYS/status/959066236058570752
  8. True but i guess if they want to keep Seth they can't give him the 'Noel treatment'. Will see.
  9. I agree. Plus Faried has a huge contract, the GM just can't ignore that. I think at least they'll give him a try.
  10. He also has career high %. I think now that he gets 26mins is the time to pick him up in competitive leagues (14, 16 teams).
  11. His minutes will go up till he gets 30+ minutes and start eventually. He has a huge contract and the organization need him to prove that he is worth the money.
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