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  1. I'm in a 30-team, H2H Points league... I'm a Jarrett Allen owner, and he is about to be a RFA, which usually means a significant pay raise. I have been offered Obi Toppin for him JA. Toppin is one a really cheap rookie deal for the next 4 seasons. Would you take that trade, or do you think stick with JA is the better option, even though he will cost way more moving forward? Toppin's contract will be around $5M next season, and JA's could be anywhere from $15-20M. WHIR
  2. I'd rather have Kennard. I don't think Garland will do much with Sexton there. Help Me?
  3. That's way too much for LaVine. Keep what you already have! Help me?
  4. This is a 30-team league with cap and contracts. I've attached the offer below. Here's where I need help: What should Malik Beasley owners be doing in a 30-team dynasty? Due to his legal issues, I'm a bit worried. I've been offered Ariza + pick #30 + future 2nd for Beasley and Bowman; Should I take that or hold? WHIR
  5. I'm interest, but I'm going to DM my email. Gotta watch out for spammers!
  6. Ok, before I commit, can you show me where your league rules are? I need to look over the rules and make sure I'm not committing $100 for a rebuild team that stands no chance for the next few years. Could be a bad investment lol.
  7. Anyone have an extra spot in a 32-team league for football with salary cap + contracts?
  8. I'll take it. So I can play free this year, but next year I owe $100? Where do I join?
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