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  1. This guy right here did. And I hate myself for it
  2. Well the Scherzer trade went through but I got him to switch out Lemahieu for Charlie Morton. And now the Nola offer has changed to Machado straight up for Nola which I don't feel as good about.
  3. 10 team points league. 2 different trade offers on the table. Send Nola. Get Machado and Ian anderson Send Scherzer. Get Story and Lemahieu. My team is 0-2 to start the year. And my lineup is terrible.
  4. He's only used the cutter 6.3% of the time. The two seamer was much more involved in his pitch mix and was key to his backwards ks
  5. Just a word to the wise. If Nola looks good today, I'd be looking to sell. He's had to scrap his 2 seamer due to not having any feel for it. Without that pitch he's going to be in trouble.
  6. Buttttt. He's cut back on his chasing out of the zone so those whiffs are happening in the zone, which I think should be seen as a positive improvement.
  7. Great raw power. Check his exit velocity numbers. Showing improvements in chasing pitches outside the zone, though still whiffing at a high rate, but at least it's in the zone, shows room for cutting that down.
  8. He's had zero feel for his stuff since his last start
  9. Glasnow gets pulled just over 100 pitches with 2 outs in the 8th. He had some words for Cash on the mound.
  10. Soler with another k. In his last 5 games he's 1 for 17 with 12 ks. Oof
  11. Alzolay is handling business, but these brewers are certainly helping, some terrible at bats
  12. When Glasnow is on, he's unstoppable. Tonight is one of those nights. Just great feel for everything.
  13. Seriously, has his best days at the plate the last two games and then he rides the pine. Makes zero sense
  14. Yeah honestly happy to see the ks and only one walk.
  15. Super glad I decided to stream canning...
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