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  1. And he's hit the DL with a wrist injury. Might be time to cut bait. Wrist injuries can be tough to come back from, especially in a shortened season.
  2. Ha ha, I'm sticking with the Snilbog around here, no worries.
  3. Wow, that's an awesome team for a 12 teamer. Could use some SP depth but that's picking nits. Awesome squad.
  4. Nice, that's exactly the type of offers I have out right now. Floated some offers out for Donaldson and Moncada. Thanks for your input, much appreciated!
  5. If you aren't hurting for Stls and can get Escobar for Wong I'd make that trade. Thoughts on mine?
  6. Damn, why didn't I think of that. Might have to make the change right now.
  7. Since you already have SBs, I'd take Soler. Thoughts on mine?
  8. If you can get him to bite I'd do it for sure, he may ask for a little extra though. Thoughts on mine?
  9. 12 Team, H2H Standard cats. Just drafted last night. We allowed draft pick trading and I ended up with picks 5, 7, and 23 in the first two rounds before having some big breaks until 55 and 79. Closers were going off the board very early and I decided to take advantage of some of the resulting fallers at SP and position players. I ended up punting SVs to start the year and will scour the wire to find some cheapies. Let me know what you think and some areas I need to target. Thanks for your help, as always 100% WHIR! C- Yasmani Grandal (140) 1B Luke Voit (199) 2B Jonathan Vil
  10. Great draft to start the year! There seems to be some decent speed in you FA wire and Mallex can be a headache to own and start, he would be my drop for Davis. Your O will be great depending on the Health Of Tatis and Judge. Those two will be key for you. I also like what you currently have for pitching. Once you build that lead in SVs, you can package a closer for another SP to add some depth. Thanks for mine!
  11. I ended up with Mookie and Story. Reached a little for Story at #7 but I'm happy with how it ended up. Thanks for your input guys, much appreciated.
  12. Pretty Solid for a 14 teamer. I think if you play your OF match-ups right you should be just fine there, it'll take a little extra work though. I wouldn't worry to much about your infield, Solid O overall. I like your top 3 SPs , but outside that you need some depth and another RP or 2. Keep an eye on the wire and you should be able to round out your SP depth and find another closer through out the season if you're vigilant. Thanks for mine.
  13. 12 team H2H standard cat. We allowed draft pick trading this year and I was able to end up with the #5 and #7 picks this year. What player combo would you realistically try and target at those two spots? I'm leaning towards a Mookie Lindor combo. Thanks in advance and WHIR 100%
  14. I could potentially get #2 and #98 if I give my 2nd (#18) and 3rd (#31)?
  15. I think Semien regresses a little but I would still make that deal. He's a solid SS. Thanks for mine.
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