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  1. series reminding of when the pistons beat the lakers? no?
  2. james is the only one scoring. wade is a has been. chris Anderson is a flamer.
  3. also don't forget the white sox went 14 scoreless innings yesterday. while he has looked good this will be the second time in about a week. regardless of his pitching today if you have a spot I think you hold him because remember last year when he was called up....people were emailing espn as to when he will become listed on the player data.
  4. if you look at my last posts earlier in the year I just never believed in this guy. figured griffin to be their best guy. as of now I am not following any of their pitchers so dont know.
  5. they need to get rid of colon and let this dude pitch.
  6. dont know how people think this guy will be a cy young contender.
  7. If you really think he is trash, then don't draft him. didnt say he was trash. but didnt think he was quite as good.
  8. I am going to draft this guy and if he stays healthy and isnt top 25 and I coming back and letting you have it. how can someone with such a low k rate be top 15.
  9. the giants are hitting this year. adding melky cabrera was great. but now their pitching does not look good. if they could hit like this last year that would have been great. I think lincecum wants out of the giants organization.
  10. lincecums ERA was lower last year than in 2010. he had bad run support and some errors that hurt his wins.
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