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  1. Longball! This midget is saving my season
  2. there must be a connection somewhere. I'll find it.
  3. did you ever play Shadows of the Empire? Nope, but Knights of the Old Republic is still the best game ever made for original X-box. Never played that. But IG88 left a lasting impression on me when I was a kid on the good old N64. Never beat that game. Sold it because IG 88 kept killing me.
  4. Didn't your English teachers ever go over context clues with you? Robrain asked me a question and my post in response was immediately after. I'd love to personally attack you to solidify my argument (as per the Rotoworld.com code of credibility) but I'll let it die right here. Thats why there is a 'quote' option. Use it. I'd love to hear these personal attacks.
  5. obviously... didn't your English teachers ever tell you to specify who 'he' is?
  6. umm... He didn't play last week. He hasn't played all season...
  7. I think BILL powell could have a fantasy impact this season.
  8. I see a guy that danced in a hole, failed to follow his blocks, and bounced outside. Usually not a successful move. I don't think we watched the same video.
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