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  1. 12 Team H2H Pts. League. 

    Give; Morton or Bundy, W Ramos and L Gurriel


    GET; F Valdez, W Smith and Ohtani(Sp and H as one)

    first, which SP do I not trade, and 2nd do I pull the trigger?

    it seems like an obvious yes, but I have concerns with Smith’s PT and whether Valdez keeps his rotation spot all year as I believe the Stros will try to limit IP for Valdez, Javier and Urquidy.




  2. Smith is the best C here. Problem is Dave Roberts indicated before the season started that the C starts in LA would be split. As of now Smith has started 9, Barnes 7 of 16. So less than 60% starts for Smith so far...

    I’m not a fan of rostering two C’s, but in this circumstance I would to see if Robert’s changes his mind or injury etc. 

    Yes dump IKF in this scenario.

  3. Another great start for DD. The kid looks to be the real deal. As I noted above, the Rangers are liked to baby him for a while...does it last another month, or two, or all season?

    We’ll have to wait and see. My prediction is they let him hit 90-100 pitches sometime in early June. However, with the Rangers likely to be out of contention by the end of July(if not earlier) expect him to be shutdown around that time. 

    Enjoy the starts til then!

  4. The kid apparently has an above avg curve and slider with one coming in at 81 mph and the other 86-87 mph. He was touted as being the pirates best SP before the season even started.(that doesn’t mean too much)

    I picked him up in a 12 team H2H Pts. League where we have deeper benches. Guys are always looking for the next great thing since sliced bread and maybe The Brubaker can be it!


    12 team H2H Points League. K’s are minus 1. R/RBI 1 each, HR’s worth 6.

    Soler and Arraez were recently dropped. Who scores more end of season? I know Soler has the guaranteed playing time, but I also think Arraez will be on the field more often that not. Kid doesn’t K much and looks like he’s a .300 hitter all day long. I don’t necessarily need his flexibility as I have E Escobar and J Polanco as back up MI’s…thoughts?


  6. Hey everyone, 

    Was offered the following;


    L Gurriel for Lux. 12 Team H2H Points league. I have E Escobar as my back up 2b. Guirrel will be added to my OF mix of Soto, Arozerena and Yaz...

    Seems like a no brainer. Although I honestly think both will face some potential PT issues down the road. Lux with C Taylor and McKinstry possibly. Gurriel with Grichuk once Springer returns. 



  7. There are a bunch of guys I like on your FA list...

    Walsh, France, Haniger and Robles and C Javier as well.  

    You have D Williams listed twice, looks like a typo.


    If it's my team, I'l for sure dropping Villar for Walsh, and whoever the other D Williams is for Javier. In fact I may drop D Williams for Javier. 

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  8. I like Mr. DD, he's certainly not overpowering but he had good command of his pitches last night, and kept the Jays hitters off balance. 

    The guys is only 26, and was a 1st round round pick of the Nats back in 2016. The White Sox had to part with him in order to land Lynn this off season. 

    I think his future is bright, just not sure that this year will be his true breakout year due to likely IP limit on a rebuilding Rangers team...keep an eye on him though.

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