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  1. thanks for the replies...so far 2 for each. I'll need a few more replies to help with the decision.
  2. 12 Team H2H Pts League. Keep 3. Here are top 4 options; (draft round penalty) Soto(20th round), Buehler (19th), Bregman(3rd), Darvish(9th) You are penalized where they were kept/drafted in 2019, with an increase in round penalty if keeping player for a 2nd, 3rd season etc. Both Soto and Buehler were FA pick ups in 2018, so only cost me a 24th and 25th round pick in 2019. that increases for this season. I am picking last in a snake draft, Soto and Buehler are no brainer keepers again...I'm stuck on Bregman or Darvish. I don't think Bregman falls to me at the end of the 1st round, while Darvish may be there. But he has more value imo as a 9th, thoughts?
  3. I'd keep; Trout, DJ, Devers, and Turner
  4. Anyone with insight on whether Scooter gets activated today?
  5. starting today, and with MR. Always Good For An IL stint Richard Hill leaving his start last night with forearm tightness, he may get an extended look! Grab him now if you still can...
  6. I just dropped him last night before the game and picked up a speculative add of C Mart. If you have a bunch of OF options, I would suggest a drop as well.
  7. I dropped him Monday as I had to activate Didi off IL and had no one else I wanted to drop. He cleared Waivers this morning. This is a 12 team H2H Pts. League. The kid has been k'ing at an atrocious rate the last 30 days, somethings up...
  8. I see Fletcher still gets no respect on this board...Great weekend series and no chatter? Kids been dynamite, and hitting leadoff quite abit lately infront of Mr. Trout. I think his plate discipline and contact rate will keep him hitting leadoff for a while. WW Gem! 2B, 3B, SS, and OF.
  9. was at the Jays game today...the ball was scorching off his bat all day long! I've always believed in his ability. Consistency is the key(as it is with every MLB'er). I like his chances.
  10. I agree with Cesare, let's seee what he's got. However, if he doesn't produce during the upcoming stretch I'll be dropping him in my 12 team H2H Pts. K's are at 36%!!! Kepler or Dahl?
  11. CBS shows Saturday May 11th...throw a dart at the calendar!
  12. and there goes a HR off a lefty...hoping him playing regularily against a LHP is the new norm!
  13. I grabbed Kike off waivers after our draft, due to his multiple position eligibility, his designated starter at 2B and drastic changes that surfaced last year. If the latter carries over to a full season worth of AB's, I could conservatively see a line similar to .275, 80R, 27HR, 95RBI and a half dozen steals with good to great plate discipline of 75BB 100K. All aboard!!!
  14. I hear you. He can't pitch at home, has been on a decline for a while and velo has dropped...I just think Ross has similar risk. thanks for the input!
  15. Anyone in a H2H 12 team points league advising to do the above?
  16. I think if anything Ahmed will be the one who sits in favor of Owings. Best case scenario for him at this point imo is 4-5 of 6 games a week when Souza returns.
  17. i see Jordan is starting today for the Yanks...against the Orioles, any chance he sees a 2nd start on Sunday???Is Garcia be removed from the rotation or just skipped??? Any fans with insight or resources would be appreciated
  18. I see jordan is starting today for the NYY in Balt...any chance he gets a 2nd start on Sunday, Garcia is being skipped or removed...thoughts???
  19. Any update on SYN? I'm beginning to think we may see him soon...maybe a sim game later this week, 2-3 rehab starts, so if all goes well with those possibly week of Sept. 4 or Sept. 11 back w/NYM
  20. hey folks, can anyone confirm which day Nelson is pitching on...CBS says 16th vs. Pitt, while ESPN has him for the 17th @ Col...will likely make a difference
  21. dammmnnnn, another jack last night and 2 more walks. Talk about a catalyst for the top team in the NL! I think he along with Seager and Bell will be beasts for seasons to come.
  22. 8 dingers isn't bad for just over 200 AB's, especially for a 2B. He's made a concentrated effort at changing his launch angle to produce more flyballs and I think it's paying off!
  23. Having another good week and seems entrenched in the 3 hole for SD...anything to see here?
  24. no need to apologize yet....3/4 last night in his usual lead-off spot. BA up to .318 now! kid won't stop raking
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