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  1. Only 1 start. They play 6 games with the first one being Monday. His start is on Tuesday.
  2. his short hitting streak comes to a halt on Friday night...so he takes a seat on the pine Saturday, only hit a PH bomb and 3 bagger...this guy's money!
  3. I like Taylor, although he's k'ing at a greater than 30% rate, he can also draw a walk which is important as a potential lead off man. With A-Gone, out a while with a herniated disc, I say Taylor gets a good chunk of PT for the forseeable future.
  4. i'm not sure many predicted this is how Greinke's season would go to this point...guy's been incredible. Is he back in the conversation as a top 10 SP rest of season???
  5. His best bet for PT, is Bird being hurt for a while...Holliday shifting to 1B, with an OF and DH setup of Gardner, Hicks, Judge and Ellsbury. I can't see them turning to C Carter at 1B with Bird on the DL
  6. I grabbed him as well. was touted coming out of U of Miami, but has fizzled out (for 6 years) until this mini break-out...I mean guys, his career high in Hr's is 9? He's at 8 and we're only 5 weeks in. With his adjustments in the box, i'm buying! didn't/doesn't cost much to find out. I always carry one player on my squad who is absolutely droppable, the reason being to pick up a potential break out like this...
  7. i am a Conforto owner as well. Grabbed him before the consistent PT/take off! Jumping on board with Hicks too(during the hot streak) Kid has pedigree, change of scenery, a team with vets that have been there etc.
  8. I cut Buxton for him tonight. There are a few interchangeable players in that NYY lineup. If he keeps hitting, there is no way JG sits him...only time will tell how this one plays out.
  9. I agree with the hesitation to add Wong, he seems like the over hyped young guy from 2014-15 and hasn't been able to shake that label. I did take notice of his improved BB/K ratio from last year which has carried over to this year. If Fowler and Piscotty hit the DL, he should have FT AB's for the next weeks and therefore could be handed an opportunity to prove to the Cards FO and the Fantasy Community his worth/value...i'll likely take a wait and see approach on KW.
  10. I think Perdomo will begin to sneak up on people and his ownership #'s will begin to rise. He could prove to more valuable in those H2H points leagues with his sp/rp eligibility. There was talk of him developing a splitter late last year as his 3rd pitch...anyone with pitch type usage #'s?
  11. picking it back up this weekend, 6 in his last 13 AB's...a little discouraged to see him get another CS today giving him 3 on the year vs. 1 SB...
  12. I didn't get a chance to watch last nights game, and I know it was against the Padres, but those who did watch what are your thoughts in his start? Where was the velo on his fastball last night? Anyone here prefer Cole over Greinke for this season only?
  13. MIL 8:05 PM ET Wind 10 MPH R-L CHC Milwaukee Brewers Record: 8-6 @ Chicago Cubs Record: 6-7 Lineup Pending... Lineup Pending... MIL: Jimmy Nelson (R) (1-0, 1.38) CHC: Brett Anderson (L) (1-0, 0.84) Line: MIL 0 Game Umpire Data Pending... Anticipated that wind will be blowing R-L @ 10MPH tonight at Wrigley. In a H2H Pts League weekly lineup league I rolled with him. I sat Maeda due to
  14. I grabbed yesterday for depth at 3B, or a possible trade chip down the road. Anyone here think MoistAssKiss can build off his semi-breakout from 2015? He is in a contract year...thoughts?
  15. yet another K, when the Twinkies put up a 6 spot in the inning...
  16. box scores don't look good early...he's my #6 OF,maybe even 7...will have abit more patience but starting to look a lot like his start in 2016...I hear chatter that he is just not consistent while in the box, ie. toe tap, high leg kick, at different times etc., timing is a crucial part of hitting.
  17. mine does as well. We are a commissioner style league not sure if that is what you are running yours in?
  18. I just did the same thing yesterday am...Lucroy is my starting C, but will stash Ramos on DL for now. Hoping to possibly trade him later in the season to a team that is using Molina, Rupp etc. as their starter
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