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  1. I understand that, but does anyone think they're a legit contender? Just seems like an out of character move for a team clearly trying to save money and stockpile young talent to grab a really expensive older player in exchange for some of that same young, cheap talent.
  2. This one makes no sense; Marlins are way far off from contention and Marte is almost 32? Very curious move here.Unless they plan to pick up his option and flip him next season for a big haul (assuming his production continues)?
  3. They weren't gonna pay Bauer anyway. Got Reyes and Allen from that deal- good return for the alternative of NOTHING. Kluber is hurt. He'll not be a solid pitcher again, go ahead and mark it. Got what should be a good reliever out of the deal and a speed guy for depth for an expensive old guy who was on the decline. Not mad. 6 for 1 (basically) today. 3 of whom have a good shot at solid ML contributions and careers. You're going out of your way pretty hard to hate on the Tribe here- maybe you need a secondary hobby. You can only get what the market will give; this isn't The Show.
  4. They also have Karinchak ranked at 101- pretty sure he's a good bit better than that. Those rankings are completely arbitrary and subjective as nobody knows how these guys are going to be when they reach the bigs; go throw shade somewhere else. Tribe got a nice return for one guy who "earned" his ticket out of town by being a bad teammate anyway. As many as 4 impact players in that group.
  5. every day I feel better and better about the Tribe trading away Mejia. What a waste of space. Maybe someone will send the Pads a bag of dirty socks for him today. Padres would still win that trade.
  6. why do people keep apologizing for this kid...? The Dodgers are absolutely infuriating, they have "the gloves off", my @$$...treating this kid like a friggin' teeball player- might as well roster a damn middle reliever- would get more innings out of that. It's honestly a waste of everyone's time to even have the kid in the rotation IMO.
  7. I didn't really notice this until I read your post, but yes- he does seem to walk a lot of guys. That would be fine, except that his weapon (fastball) the guys can just tee off on when they know its coming (hitters' counts, etc.) as a result.
  8. I would agree that he hits like a madman when he's on, but the problem is we don't really have time to wait it out this year. At least i know I don't. A 3 week slump this season is about a third of the season.
  9. colossal bump- but I need to understand why this kid seems like hes always struggling to throw strikes. Even when hes getting it in the zone its like it's a chore for him. Can't watch him pitch without feeling tense since it seems like he's never totally in control. Honestly (I drafted him fwiw) I think he's severely overhyped.
  10. How the f*** do you walk the PITCHER- TWICE! God Syndergaard sucks. What a damn loser. Worst draft pick ever. I mean he’s legit garbage. Probably his stupid f***ing haircut.
  11. What a sack. Guy is genuinely terrible- the pitching version of Adam Dunn; either they strike out or hit a homer. Throw something besides a meatball fastball you idiot 🙄
  12. Reading this thread reminds me why I take anything here with a grain of salt. Watson over brees overall is laughable. Proven talent vs 4 week rookie. Sample size.
  13. best post of this thread. seriously. He's sitting on my WW for free right now, and I'm not buying. I'll take Blount, Wilson, DRich and Best over an unproven back with a high school caliber o-line anyday. inb4 RW forum "experts" try to make some baseless argument of why he's the next MVP
  14. I'm shocked. Also, your "analysis" of Powell is based 0% in fact ("almost certainly the better pass blocker- based on what? you got any evidence to support that?) The fact that you acknowledge his horrible o-line and tout him as a RB2 with upside in the same sentence is laughable. Take a lesson, kids, This is why you don't take things you read on RW beyond a grain of salt; no common sense requirements are needed to post.
  15. Mon, Oct 8 Stephens-Howling (hip) is expected to return on Sunday and should se a significant number of carries with Ryan Williams (shoulder) on IR, according to AZCardinals.com. Recommendation: Stephens-Howling will split carries with William Powell and Alfonso Smith. Last season LSH gained 93 yards on 21 carries starting the final game of the regular season, so we would expect him to get first crack at the starting spot.(Rotowire.com) sorry guys. Think the Powell bandwagon needs to slow down a bit. LSH is more familiar with the offense, and has more experience. If I'm picking between the
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