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  1. Looking like an RB1 next year, RB2 at the very least, no?
  2. What do y'all think about him next season? Assuming he continues to improve and establish himself as the RB1 in this offense, would the Rams start to shift away from the RBBC approach and feed him like Gurley? Or are Brown/Henderson going to continue to be a thorn in his fantasy-side? Obviously I know these aren't really questions that can be answered but I'm interested if anyone has thoughts about the overall backfield situation.
  3. I went extremely RB heavy in my draft and still ended up with hardly anyone useful because I didn't get any of the "studs." I drafted Jacobs, Mixon, Sanders, Singletary, Dobbins, and Swift (foolishly cut Swift in the first half of the season when I should have actually cut Dobbins). By the end of the season (our playoffs start week 13) Jacobs was the only one of my SIX RBs to return good value and even he has had PLENTY of down weeks that are more indicative of a RB2 than a true RB1. Out of the 4 teams that made the playoffs, 3 of them have one of Henry, Cook, and Kamara, and the 4th team
  4. I will happily draft him again next year, he just produces consistently despite a terrible offensive scheme and terrible QBs. Hopefully his ADP is relatively low again next year. Love consistent guys like him with solid floors.
  5. That would be his highest rushing total of the season and almost as many TDs as he's scored all season in a single game. His numbers are absolutely pathetic for where he was drafted.
  6. Stud. This guy is the sole bright spot on my team this season.
  7. Lost season for this guy. Luton is terrible, Minshew is terrible, love his talent but he is a DND for me unless Jax takes serious steps to improve their WB situation.
  8. Can't figure out how to post the tweet from my phone, but basically says that Pederson wants to use more of a committee approach at RB. https://mobile.twitter.com/thomasrp93/status/1329810798588403718?s=21
  9. Anyone brave enough to straight up drop him? It appears highly unlikely that he will play again this year. Even when he was healthy he wasn't all that good outside of week 3...
  10. He went off against KC last time, one of his best games of the season. I'm not necessarily expecting that again but I'm hoping for at least 15 points PPR.
  11. Am I crazy thinking he could be a sneaky good stream this week? Washington plays the Bengals in what could be a shootout... Smith threw a whopping 55 pass attempts last week and had nearly 400 yards. The experts are ranking him super low but he seems like a better option than some of the other streaming options like Stafford and Wentz. Anyone else have thoughts on him?
  12. Am I the only one not all that worried about him? He's had a solid 10 points l floor in PPR which is pretty nice. I think he's gonna have a few more good games and a few more floor games like this ROS. It'll be ugly but at the end of the season the numbers will be there. I don't expect week winning performances out of him, but he shouldn't be losing us weeks either. Maybe the way we should view this week is that Foles was absolute trash and barely threw for 100 yards and Arob still got you double digits.
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