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  1. Yup, this is exactly what I'm thinking too. I'm not starting him.
  2. I'm thinking about it. I mean I love his talent, but the production has not been there unfortunately.
  3. I was expecting a much better showing CATCHING the ball for A.J. Brown. 😨
  4. These are the scores of my first two playoff matchups: Week 14 - I won 102.92 to 102.70 Week 15 - I won 131.76 to 130.96 It's just crazy to me how close these two matchups were. 😲 We'll see what Championship week has in store.
  5. I'm losing 104.68 - 62.52. I have Patrick Mahomes, Damien Williams, Mike Williams, & Hunter Henry. He has Harrison Butker. I can't wait for the game. I love having players on both teams in a game like this. Makes it so much more fun to watch. For what it's worth Yahoo says I have a 70% chance of winning. We shall see.
  6. I was just doing some digging about Shaw's wrist injury because I was thinking of possibly adding him when he comes off the I.L. Found an interview from earlier this season where he says that the wrist injury is "pinpoint" to where it was last year. Sounds to me like an ongoing problem. He said he played through it last year and shouldn't have. During the interview he mentioned they told him to rest and not swing a bat for a few days. If his wrist has been bothering him for two seasons over about a calendar year, that can't be good. Makes you wonder how much better it really is feeling, if at
  7. Benching him as well. Last two starts haven't been very good, and I'd rather not take any chances against Houston's offense.
  8. Yup, did the same thing with him and Rodon. I don't mind waiting, as SP's with their kind of upside are worth it. In my case my pitching staff is average at best, so maybe these guys help in the second half.
  9. Watched the game. Thought he looked very comfortable at the plate. On his K, Nova threw a nasty pitch low and outside that Miggy took for strike 3. He threw him darn near the same pitch for strike 1 in that at bat also. That's how I knew he was most likely going to get rung up when Nova hit the spot again. Funny thing was he yelled, NO NO NO! Not surprised as both pitches looked like generous calls. He took the ball the other way on his double like he does, and he scorched a single back up the middle. Think if Miggy's health holds up, he'll have a very productive year. I could be a little bias
  10. I drafted Vogt and then tried Hedges. Finally settled on Tyler Flowers and have been very happy. Seems to be steady this season, and I'm not eating Ks like I was with Hedges. Here's to more Flowers blooming through the summer.
  11. Couple of walks and a couple of steals tonight so far.
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