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  1. Chark and Collin Johnson are out. Looks like Shenault might be a smash play for those playing Week 17.
  2. Both Chark and Collin Johnson are out this week. Is Shenault a smash play given that he and Conley are the only healthy receivers?
  3. Shepard is the play then. You can't play Crowder because he's facing the most difficult matchup for all WRs at the moment in the Rams. Crowder was unable to do jack against Seattle. He's not changing that against the Rams barring something unforeseen or a TD. I wouldn't even think about Snead or Hansen over Shepard. Bowden is interesting, but only if Ahmed misses. If Ahmed plays then Shepard is a clear cut play. If it's Bowden's backfield, then I wouldn't fault you for going that route for higher upside. Shepard still has the safer floor though. From your situation I'd roll with the ceiling pl
  4. I'd still play Herbert in this situation. Four defensive starters are out for the Raiders. Even without Allen and Williams, Herbert should still get 15-16 points minimum. I like Hurts a lot, but I'm still in a wait-and-see stance on him. If he performs I'll play him next week against Dallas if I'm fortunate enough to advance.
  5. Akers and Ekeler are no-brainers this week due to matchups and lack of options on offense for LAC. Kamara is the clear play over Montgomery. You're relying on Montgomery to score.
  6. Allen isn't going to play. I'd roll with Cooks if he plays, and Cooper if he doesn't. Cooks is basically Watson's only weapon, and it comes down to QB between those two.
  7. Play Zeke dude. You can't trust the TB situation over Zeke, even if RoJo does miss.
  8. Sanders if Brees plays and Meyers if he doesn't.
  9. The Raiders are without four defensive starters. Start Herbert. I'd roll with Jacobs and Kupp this week over Montgomery. With Montgomery you're banking on a TD that may or may not come. I trust Jacobs over Montgomery to get that score.
  10. Cooks and Corey Davis. However you're taking the chance that Cooks plays. If Cooks doesn't play I would have told you to play Tyron, but you have to make that decision tonight.
  11. I'd start Tyron Johnson over all those options outside of possibly Shepard. He's sure to be on FA.
  12. I'd absolutely be starting Chark with Minshew back in the fold. He's the go-to WR for Minshew.
  13. I'd flex Beasley if Ronald Jones plays. I'd flex Fournette if RoJo misses. Patrick's QB situation is too unreliable and Edwards doesn't get enough volume.
  14. Moore, Claypool, and Bowden Jr are the plays for me. Moore and Claypool are far superior options to the rest of that list, making them must plays. I'm basing the third pick strictly off reason performance and limited options in Miami.
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